CSW Game Development Download

Greetings CSW Peeps!

Now available for the first time as a download, Erik Paulson’s Game Development.


This video is me rolling and explaining the different games to play in the grappling “puzzle”. This video features many insights for any level grappler. This video was shot at Indiana University and, like the CSW Essentials Series, is the best quality. A Must Have!

With the Game Development Download, Erik shares his philosophy of training that made him a World Champion. Unlike instruction that offers little more than technique, The Game Development Download teaches you how to train to improve specific aspects of your fight game.

Game Development focuses on ground game development. Erik breaks down grappling training into eight “games” designed to improve your ground skills. Not only will you learn a series of training exercises, you also get to see how a World Champion uses movement and positioning as the critical foundation for grappling success.

Running Time: 55 min

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Egoless
Chapter 3: Defensive
Chapter 4: Attacking
Chapter 5: Floating
Chapter 6: Crushing
Chapter 7: Isolating Positions
Chapter 8: Worst Position
Chapter 9: Breaking The Spirit
Bonus: Klank – Blind

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STXKICKBOXING – Elbows & Knees – DVD and HD Download


Elbows – Focus Mitts

  • Jab – Shuffle – Right Elbow
  • Catch – Cover – Snap Left Elbow
  • Parry – Parry – Diagonal Down Elbow
  • Cover – Rhino Spear
  • Double Jut Sao – Snap Elbow
  • Steering Wheel – Snap Elbow
  • Over Under – Push Out – Snap Elbow
  • Over Under – Pull Out – Snap Elbow
  • Over Under – Head Slicer – Snap Elbow
  • Jab – Jumping Elbow Spike
  • Facing The Cage – Spinning Back Elbow
  • Missed Jab or Cross – Spinning Back Elbow
  • Jab – Missed Jab – Spinning Back Elbow To The Body
  • Catch – Parry – Snap Elbow
  • Diagonal Elbow – Vertical Down Elbow

Tie Ups

  • Parry The Jab
  • Parry The Jab – Same Side Grab
  • Parry The Jab – Opposite Side Grab
  • Parry The Jab – Opposite Side Ridge Hand Grab
  • Parry The Cross
  • Parry The Cross – Same Side Grab
  • Parry The Cross – Opposite Side Grab
  • Parry The Cross – Opposite Side Ridge Hand Grab
  • Plum | Frankenstein Stuff – Rear Knee – Plum
  • Body Lock – T-Formation
  • Double Elbow Lift – Body Lock – T-Formation
  • Lift – Curve Knee Takedown
  • Turning Foot Sweep
  • Outside Head & Arm Clinch – Curve Knee – Hip Throw
  • Outside Inside Bicep Neck Tie – Curve Knee
  • Snap Down – Frog Ride
  • Jab – Stuff – Rear Knee
  • Jab – Stuff – Rear Knee – Lead Head Kick
  • Double Outside – Single Shrug
  • Double Outside – Single Shrug – Head Kick
  • Washing Machine
  • Washing Machine – Push – Head Kick
  • Double Over Face Push – Knee
  • Curve Knee – Mid – Low – Mid

Tie Up Template

  • Tie Up Template Striking
  • 50/50
  • Elbow Lift – Curve Knee
  • Bicep Collar Tie – Jump Curve Knee
  • Outside Parry – Jump Curve Knee
  • Turn – Head Push – Knee The Head
  • Head & Chin Snap – Straight Knee The Head
  • Duck Under – Knee The Coccyx

Jab Counters

  • Outside Parry – Under Hook – Curve Knee
  • Rear To Lead Parry – Lead Knee
  • Rear To Lead Parry – Lead Knee – Cross
  • Rear To Lead Parry – Lead Knee – Cross – Head Kick
  • Double Parry – Neck & Wrist Grab – Low Knee – High Knee

Cross Counters

  • Rear To Lead Parry – Rear Knee
  • Lead To Rear Parry – Rear Knee
  • Double Down Parry – Rear Knee
  • Split Entry – Rear Knee
  • Double Inside Parry – Rear Knee
  • Outside Parry – Under Hook – Rear Knee
  • Double Parry – Plum – Low Knee – High Knee
  • Ear Rip – 1/4 Turn – Knee Series
  • Over Under – Quarter Turn – Straight Knee
  • Body Lock – Quarter Turn – Straight Knee
  • Plum – Quarter Turn – Curve Knee

Shoot Counters

  • Quick Lead Knee
  • Finger Jab – Quick Rear Knee

CSW 2018 World Conference – DVD and HD Download


Volume 1: 1 Hour 44 Min

Rigan Machado, Rick Young

  • Press Counter
  • Tripod To Kimura
  • Tripod To Collar Choke
  • Cross Face Side Choke
  • Far Arm Triangle
  • Top Pressure
  • Rigan Twister
  • Triangle – Arm Bar
  • Quick Drills
  • Turtle Turnover – Arm Bar
  • Head Lift Variation
  • Latskevich Variation
  • Figure 4 Variation
  • Reach Under Variation – Pedro Variation
  • Latskevich Escape
  • Variations For Holding Position For The Arm Bar
  • Breaking The Grip
  • Triangle – Kimura – Straight Arm Bar – From North South Turtle
  • Dive Roll Arm Bar

Volume 2: 1 Hour 38 Min

Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson

  • Hand Fighting
  • Seal Control
  • Five P’s
  • Steering Wheel
  • Tie Up Template
  • Snap Down Attacks
  • Balance & Base
  • Stalk To T-Formation
  • Top Heavy
  • Stuff To T-Formation
  • T-Formation Template
  • Back Template
  • Half – Half – Full
  • Body Lock – Seat Belt
  • Review
  • Double Hip Pull
  • Knees
  • Turning High Knee
  • Collar Tie – Uppercut – Over Hand
  • Duck Feet
  • Tie Up Punching
  • How To Spar
  • Guard Punching
  • Punch Defense From Guard
  • Guard Tie Up Template
  • Guard Positions
  • Closed Guard Over Hook
  • Ear Rip Series
  • Cross Face Turn Over From Back
  • Cross Arm Turn Over From Back
  • Triangles
  • Knee Squeeze Triangle
  • Teepee
  • Omo Plata
  • Butt Bounce
  • Climb
  • Hip Heist
  • Kick Off

Volume 3: 2 Hours

Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson, Ben Jones

  • Soft Ride
  • Step Body Shot
  • Cut Kick
  • Step – Low Body Shot – Head Shot
  • Calf Kick
  • Knee The Kicking Leg
  • Heel Kick
  • Punch & Pick
  • Confident Defense
  • Focus Mitt Warm Ups
  • Hands On Drill
  • Arm Bar Warm Up
  • Cow Catcher
  • Head & Arm
  • Over Under
  • Arm Spiral
  • Schultz Headlock
  • Grovit
  • Arm Bars From North-South Turtle
  • Putar Kepala
  • Inverted Arm Bar
  • Inverted Arm Bar To Kimura
  • Leg Locks From North-South Turtle

BJJ Demos:

  • Erik Paulson
  • Rick Young
  • Greg Nelson
  • Brad Conway
  • Brian Yamasaki
  • Brandon Kiser
  • Rich Peterson
  • Chris Mize
  • Ryan Gruhn
  • Rick Tavares
  • Mike Demko
  • Denis Kelly
  • Jared Bahr

Volume 4: 2 Hours

Greg Nelson, Tim Tackett, Nicolas Saignac, Feargus McTeggart

  • Sweep Single
  • Seat Belt Turn Over
  • Body Lock Turn Over
  • Dive Roll Turn Over
  • Face Push Step Over
  • Perpetual Motion
  • Time & Distance
  • Fencing Footwork
  • Slow Fast
  • Reading Your Opponent
  • Finger Jabs & Face Grabs
  • Leg Obstruction
  • Jik Tek
  • Jut Sao – Palm Hook
  • Backfist
  • JKD Straight Blast
  • Verbal Jiu-Jitsu
  • Circular Movement
  • Shoulder To Shoulder
  • Kick Evasion
  • Counter Kick
  • Straight Kick Evasion
  • Offense & Defense
  • Maintaining Range
  • Fouette To Chasse
  • A Game Of Ranges
  • Blast Double
  • Snake The Legs
  • Head Up Chest Up
  • Double To Head & Arm Choke
  • Fat Man Choke
  • Motivation

CSW 2017 World Conference – DVD and HD Download

Volume 1: Eddie Bravo

  • Bottom Clinch
  • Double Under Hooks Butterfly
  • Grips
  • Path To Spider Web
  • Back Take
  • Spider Web Transition
  • Perfect Spider Web

Volume 2: Rigan Machado, Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson

  • Butterfly Back Sweep
  • Stretch Guard Sweep
  • Kick Out Lapel Sweep
  • X Guard Back Take
  • X Guard Back Roll Sweep
  • X Guard Hook Sweep
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Timing & Range
  • Foot Jab
  • Shin Block
  • Turn & Knee
  • Turn & Foot Sweep
  • Counter Kick
  • Knee Spike
  • Catch A – Turn Down
  • Catch A – Sweeps
  • Catch A – Throws
  • Catch A – Golf Swing
  • Timing Sparring
  • Tie Ups Off The Third Beat
  • Split The Legs
  • Front Headlock
  • Inside Leg Pick
  • Outside Leg Pick
  • Pick & Punch
  • Crumble
  • Crumble To North-South
  • Kick Catches
  • Inside Trip Off The Kick
  • Hip Throw Off The Kick
  • Hip Lift Off The Knee
  • Punch – Kick – Takedown
  • Cow Catcher
  • Guard Passing
  • Arce
  • Shoulder Lock From Bottom
  • Twisting Straight Arm Bar
  • Knee Clamp Bridge
  • Arce To D’Arce
  • Inverted Plum Choke

Volume 3: Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson, Ben Jones

  • Turtle Turnovers
  • Pummeling The Hooks
  • Turtle Bottom Tilt Out
  • Head – Shoulders – Hips
  • Turtle Review
  • Combat Slams
  • Open Guard Passes
  • Snake Leg Counters
  • Snake Leg Heel Hooks
  • Turtle & Passing Review
  • Front Snap Down
  • Snap Jam Double
  • Snap Jam Jump Spin Arm Bar
  • Two On One Jump Arm Bar
  • Whizzer Triangle Arm Bar
  • Donehue Roll
  • Jumping Granby Choke
  • Wedge Choke – Legs Crossed
  • Loop Choke
  • Gi Choke Review
  • Loop Chokes From Guard
  • X Chokes From Turtle
  • Baseball Choke From North-South
  • Baseball Choke From Half-Guard
  • Blossom To Clock Choke
  • Blossom To Back Chokes
  • Windshield Wiper Defense
  • Striking Facing The Cage
  • Entries Off The Cage
  • Quick Kills Off The Cage
  • Takedowns Facing The Cage
  • Takedown Defense Off The Cage

Volume 4: Feargus McTeggart, Nicolas Saignac, Tim Tackett

  • Motivation
  • Three Way Drill
  • Double Leg Takedowns
  • Turn The Corner
  • High Crotch Hip Lift
  • Strike & Evade
  • Timing The Counter Kick
  • Controlling The Game
  • Practicing Range Changes
  • Punch – Kick – Evade
  • Kick – Punch – Evade
  • Double Shots To Spin Kicks
  • Spin Kick Mechanics
  • Spin Kick Target Spotting
  • Time Commitment Theory
  • Straight Lead Punch
  • Foot Placement
  • Progressive Indirect Attack
  • Slow – Fast
  • Blocker or Runner
  • Sliding Leverage
  • Stealing A Step
  • Trapping The Lead Barrier
  • Jut To Hook
  • Jut To Push
  • Negative One – Positive Two
  • Hammer Principle
  • Creating A Connection
  • Leg Obstruction

CSW 2016 World Conference – DVD and HD Download

Volume 1: Erik Paulson

2 Count
3 Count
Hold For Multiple Rounds
H3 – Jab – Cross – Hook
H3 – Right Kick – Left Hook – Right Kick
H3 – Left Kick – Right Hook – Left Kick
30 Second Intervals – Criss Cross – Skip Knees
Hit 2 – Cover 2 – Hit 2
Hit 2 – Grab – Knee – Scoop – Cross – High Kick
Knockout Simulation Drill
STX Rules
Clinch Sparring
Sparring Control
Body Conditioning
Aspects of Boxing
Jab Catch Drill
Jab Catch Jab
Survival Drill
3 For 3
Side To Side Pass
Leg Drag Pass
Leg Drag Crossed Pass
Victor Estima Lock
Figure 4
Turtle Position Partner Bridge
Forward Neck Bridge
Backward Neck Bridge
Standing Back Bridge
Hanging Arm Throw
Hanging Leg Throw
Trap & Bridge
Kesa Bridge
Kesa Tight Bridge
Kuzure Kesa Bridge
Reverse Kesa Bridge
North South Bridge
Half Guard Bridge
Guard Bridge
Mount Bridge
Superman Pass to Arm Bar
Leg Locks Review
Roll Back Heel Hook
Step Over Toe Hold
Turn Over Achilles Lock
Lace Leg Calf Lock
Figure 4 Toe Hold
Leg Locks Final Review
Verbal Jiu Jitsu
Merkaba Meditation

Volume 2: Greg Nelson

Body Lock To Turning Takedown
Half Mount – Hook The Shoulder
Rear Half Mount To Choke
Outside Trip – Side Control – Elbow
Catch The Wrist – Cut The Angle
Outside Knee Trip
Bike Ride
Half Nelson To Kimura
Head & Arm – Americana
Trap & Hammer
Greg Nelson on Sparring
Punch & Shoot
Hooking High Crotch
Staggered Single
Hop Double
Step Back Wedge
Attacks From Side Control
Schultz Front Headlock
Two On One Shoulder Trap
Bridge Punch Whizzer
Thread The Needle

Volume 3: Rigan Machado, Francis Fong, Nicolas Saignac

Spider Mount To Triangle
Spider Mount To Omo Plata
Spider Mount To Kimura
Spider Mount To Rolling Omo Plata
Spider Mount To Arm Bar
Lop Sao Cycle
Maintain Relaxed Structure
Relaxed Focus Good Attitude
Jut Sao Cycle
Switching High Low
Gum Sao Cycle
Single Arm Sprawl
Bicep Control
Hip Bump Hip Throw
Trap 50-50 Hip Throw
Hip Throw Counters
Trap Step Over Mount
Outside Inside Entries
Tripple Lefts
Francis Fong Conclusion
Forward Back
Lateral Movement
Fouette Lateral Movement
Fouette Move & Catch
Fouette Catch & Scoop
Fouette Mid Low
Punch Kick Combo 1
Punch Kick Combo 2
Punch Kick Combo 3
Free Flow Drilling
Inside Outside Sweeps

Hand Taping For MMA

Throughout my years of fighting professionally, coaching, and cornering I’ve noticed one thing that is drastically missing from being a cornerman or a coach, and that’s being able to tape hands properly. The art of taping hands is very important to the game. You want your fighters to be able to punch as hard as they possibly can and be safe during a fight. Keep their most important tool, their hands, safe. You need to be able to tape hands properly. In this DVD I’m going to cover everything you need to know about taping hands.

  • Warming up your fighter’s hands.
  • How to prepare your workspace.
  • How to make the knuckle pads.
  • Choosing the proper equipment.

Bonus: I’m also going to show you how to use regular everyday hand wraps and prepare your hands for either hitting the bag, hitting mitts, or sparring. It’s very easy and a fast way to use traditional hand wraps. Whether you’re using a boxing glove on an MMA glove, it works with both.

  • It doesn’t slip.
  • It doesn’t move.
  • It stays nice and tight on your hand.
  • It helps protect your hands from injury.

CSW Bridging

The Bridge is one of the most important techniques for escaping from the bottom. In Catch Wrestling, one of the most important aspects of the game is not getting stuck on the bottom. The Bridge is extremely effective at creating space and opportunities to escape from the bottom.

If you make Bridging a part of your game, nobody will ever hold you down. Your Catch Wrestling game will go through the roof and you will be able to escape from any bottom position.
Work on your Bridge!


  1. Back Bridge
  2. Back Bridge – Hands Assist
  3. Back Bridge – Touch Mat
  4. Back Bridge to Three Point Stance
  5. Explosive Back Bridge to Three Point Stance
  6. Jane Fonda Bridge – Together – Apart – Hips Up
  7. Back Bridge On Forehead
  8. Back Bridge On Forehead – Hands Assist
  9. Back Bridge Walk Around To Front Neck Bridge
  10. Back Bridge Over Partner?s Quarter Position
  11. Flip Flop Over Partner?s Quarter Position
  12. Reverse Sit Ups From Quarter Position
  13. Partner Assisted Standing Back Bridge
  14. Hanging Arm Throw
  15. Arm & Body Throw
  16. Belly To Belly Half Turn Throw
  17. Belly To Belly Suplex


  1. Bridge From Side Control
  2. Bridge From Kesa Gatame
  3. Bridge From Kuzure Kesa Gatame
  4. Bridge From North South
  5. Bridge From Mid Mount
  6. Bridge From Low Mount
  7. Bridge From Knee On Belly
  8. Bridge From Guard
  9. Bridge From Half Guard

MMA Ground & Pound Punching

Erik Paulson’s MMA Ground & Pound Punching DVD & HD Download!
6 Page E-Book Included
Great breakdowns and detailed instruction.

You have to get hit in the face a little bit. It wakes you up and makes you think. Punching erases your memory. When you say the five things you are going to do in the guard, each time you get punched you’ll start forgetting each thing. The more you get punched, the lower your belt gets.

Punch – Punch – Punch – Stall – Hold – Control – Resilience – Motion – Smother!

Blanket them with your body weight and hit them as many times as you can. If you grapple at home, and only grapple, you need to add striking to your game to make it real!

Table of Contents

  • Takedowns
  • Shooting
  • Offensive
  • Defensive
  • Back Takes From Standing
  • Back Take Counters
  • Striking From The Back
  • Takedowns From The Back
  • Turtle Position Striking
  • Turtle Position Counters
  • Turtle Position Spin Counters
  • Guard Top
  • Open Guard Top
  • Mount
  • Guard Bottom
  • Open Guard Bottom
  • Open Guard Top Guard Passes
  • Side Control
  • Play The Game

CSW Shadow Wrestling Drills

19 Shadow Wrestling Drills to keep you moving smooth! Ben Jones is the CSW Fight Team Captain and can get you up to speed fast!

Taught by CSW Fight Team Captain – Ben Jones

PDF Outline Included
Chapter markers included

High Box
Low Box
Sit Outs
Hip Heist
Granby Roll
Airplane Spins
Back Shoulder Roll
Back Shoulder Extension
Back Extension
Crab Walk
Figure 4 Legs
Leg Circles
Back Neck Bridge
Front Neck Bridge
Knee Running
Front Dive Roll


From Coach Ben Jones: This video is all about the STXKICKBOXING bag workout program. I get asked questions all the time by people in the gym, students, fighters, coaches: what can I do for a bag work out? What can I give my guys, my students, or my fighters to do for a bag work out? They get very bored of going in there and traditionally just hitting a heavy bag over and over and over. In this video we detailed a ton of drills that you can do, have your team do, or anybody in your gym do. They involve drills with a partner or solo drills. This is one of my favorite things to do. The heavy bag is probably one of the most underused tools in every gym. Most people don’t know what to do for a heavy bag workout. They hit the bag, they kick the bag, they knee the bag, but they have no rhyme or reason, no rhythm, or no foundation in order to follow a bag workout. The heavy bag is your best training partner! The heavy bag is the best thing to generate power and is also unbelievable for conditioning. This is the only training partner you will find at your gym that you can punch, knee, and head butt as hard as you possibly want and will always keep coming back!

This video includes solo and partner drills. You can do them at home, at the gym, by yourself, or even with your whole team. If you’re coach you can have your team do them, or if you are teaching a bag class, Muay Thai, or kickboxing class, you can have them do these drills.

All you need for this program is a heavy bag and a timer. If you don’t have a timer in your in your gym or at your house there’s plenty apps you can download for ring timers. I like to use three-minute rounds and I also like to use the intervals and rounds. I like to use 30 second intervals. It helps me change it up and also helps me not have to stick to one specific combo for three minutes straight. I can do one combo for 30 seconds, the bell rings it tells me switch to combination number two, and so on. You can create MANY variations with the drills shown in this video! Train well!

25 STXKICKBOXING Heavy Bag Drills

Taught by CSW Fight Team Captain – Ben Jones
PDF Outline Included
3 Count Combos – Change Target
3 Count Combos – Kick or Knee
Kick – Knee or Knee – Kick
Kick – Punch – Knee or Knee – Punch – Kick
1 – 2 – Circle – 2 – 3
Kick Ladders
Lateral Bag Movement
Forward & Back Bag Movement
Jab – Circle
Clinch Striking
Shoulder Bump
Punch to Speed/Power Kick or Knee
Non Stop Teeps
Machine Gun – Skip Knees
High Cover – Low Kick
High Cover – 3 Count Punch Combo
Leg Check – Same Side Kick
Leg Check – Opposite Side Kick
Deck of Cards
Brawl & Sprawl
Outside Kickboxing – 3 Inside Power Shots
15 Seconds In – 15 Seconds Out
Evade The Bag & Strike
Partner Calls Combo