From Coach Ben Jones: This video is all about the STXKICKBOXING bag workout program. I get asked questions all the time by people in the gym, students, fighters, coaches: what can I do for a bag work out? What can I give my guys, my students, or my fighters to do for a bag work out? They get very bored of going in there and traditionally just hitting a heavy bag over and over and over. In this video we detailed a ton of drills that you can do, have your team do, or anybody in your gym do. They involve drills with a partner or solo drills. This is one of my favorite things to do. The heavy bag is probably one of the most underused tools in every gym. Most people don’t know what to do for a heavy bag workout. They hit the bag, they kick the bag, they knee the bag, but they have no rhyme or reason, no rhythm, or no foundation in order to follow a bag workout. The heavy bag is your best training partner! The heavy bag is the best thing to generate power and is also unbelievable for conditioning. This is the only training partner you will find at your gym that you can punch, knee, and head butt as hard as you possibly want and will always keep coming back!

This video includes solo and partner drills. You can do them at home, at the gym, by yourself, or even with your whole team. If you’re coach you can have your team do them, or if you are teaching a bag class, Muay Thai, or kickboxing class, you can have them do these drills.

All you need for this program is a heavy bag and a timer. If you don’t have a timer in your in your gym or at your house there’s plenty apps you can download for ring timers. I like to use three-minute rounds and I also like to use the intervals and rounds. I like to use 30 second intervals. It helps me change it up and also helps me not have to stick to one specific combo for three minutes straight. I can do one combo for 30 seconds, the bell rings it tells me switch to combination number two, and so on. You can create MANY variations with the drills shown in this video! Train well!

25 STXKICKBOXING Heavy Bag Drills

Taught by CSW Fight Team Captain – Ben Jones
PDF Outline Included
3 Count Combos – Change Target
3 Count Combos – Kick or Knee
Kick – Knee or Knee – Kick
Kick – Punch – Knee or Knee – Punch – Kick
1 – 2 – Circle – 2 – 3
Kick Ladders
Lateral Bag Movement
Forward & Back Bag Movement
Jab – Circle
Clinch Striking
Shoulder Bump
Punch to Speed/Power Kick or Knee
Non Stop Teeps
Machine Gun – Skip Knees
High Cover – Low Kick
High Cover – 3 Count Punch Combo
Leg Check – Same Side Kick
Leg Check – Opposite Side Kick
Deck of Cards
Brawl & Sprawl
Outside Kickboxing – 3 Inside Power Shots
15 Seconds In – 15 Seconds Out
Evade The Bag & Strike
Partner Calls Combo

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