CSWP – 019 – CSW Podcast – Ben Jones

CSW Podcast with Ben Jones! Awesome show! We talked about what’s going on with the fight team, the martial mentality, how an average guy or gal can train like the pros and not be intimidated or hurt, and some great seminar deals coming up!

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CSWP – 018 – CSW Podcast – Tonya Paulson

We did it! Tonya agreed to do the CSW Podcast with us! You guys are in for a treat. Tonya Paulson sharing some of her background, how she met Erik Paulson, and some of the inner workings of the CSW Association.

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CSWP – 017 – CSW Podcast – Nicolas Saignac

Professor Nicolas Saignac. One of the originators of the STXKICKBOXING system. He is a regular at our annual CSW World Conference every April at the CSW Training Center in Fullerton, CA. Nicolas teaches Savate at seminars as well!

United States Savate Federation: http://ussavate.org

Nicolas Saignac Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolas.saignac 

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CSWP – 016 – CSW Podcast – Don Garon – Erik Paulson

Erik Paulson & Don Garon join us to discuss some current news, old stories, and a bit of curriculum design.

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CSWP – 015 – CSW Podcast – Erik Paulson

We’re back for the first podcast of 2018 with Coach Erik Paulson. We discuss the BJJ program, upcoming events, & the CSW Association. https://erikpaulson.com
Revgear University: https://revgearuniversity.com
Punch Trackers: https://www.hykso.com

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CSWP – 014 – CSW Podcast – Ben Jones

News: Ben Jones was named Head Coach of the CSW Pro Fight Team.
News: LFA 24 Event Phoenix, AZ. Curtis Millender. 1st Round Knockout. 38 seconds.
How does someone join the fight team?
What is the normal routine for fight practice?
What does the team consist of for a fighter?

  • Manager, Coach, Team Mates, Promoter, etc.
    New DVD & Download! Hand Taping For MMA coming out this week.

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CSWP – 013 – CSW Podcast – Erik Paulson

Review of Coach Erik’s UK Tour.
Addition of a 3rd Coach Development Camp for our affiliates.
MMA Ground & Pound Punching DVD.
Working on a new CSW Jiu-Jitsu program.
Bill Wallace stories.
Early UFC stories.
Movie job stories.
Erik’s calling to teach martial arts and Guro Inosanto’s advice to him about his future.
Changing lives & teaching kids.
Training law enforcement & military.
Breaking down & simplifying curriculum.
Transitioning from being a fighter to a coach.
Chad Stahelski stories.
Sparring to figure out what works for you.
Earning true confidence.
Competing to enhance your learning.

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CSWP – 012 – CSW Podcast – Rick Faye

Early days with Dan Inosanto, Erik Paulson, Greg Nelson
Paul McCarthy’s Ted Talk – Cognitive Kali
Modifying your training when getting older
Rick Faye’s curriculum structure
Being secure as an instructor
Introducing non grapplers to grappling
Hiring a business manager
Maintaining your facility
Focusing on business procedures
Focusing on your students
Class structure
Starting and ending on time
Minnesota Kali Group

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CSWP – 011 – CSW Podcast – LaVonne Martin

Civilian Tactical Training
Awareness Training
Getting Involved
Starting A School From Scratch
Follow Your Passion
Be Open Minded
Training With Guro Dan Inosanto
Driving On The Sidewalk
Time Management
Staff Development
Women’s Self Defense
Pencil Tapping – “Thinking”
Making Sure You Take Time To Train Yourself
Note Taking Methods

Note Taking Apps:


LaVonne Martin’s Academy:

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