CSWP – 036 – CSW Podcast – Rick Young

Upcoming CSW World Conference News
Creativity & Improvement
The Gym Incident
The Warrior’s Path
Grappling Chat
Giving Credit
Pressure Training
Billy Cusack’s Triangle
Mark Preston’s Grip Fighting Class
Mental Stamina
Master The Basics
Grip The Sleeve
Grappling vs. Fighting
Donkey Punch
Hammer Fist Entry
Healthy Food
Working On Erik’s Archives
Larry Hartsell Stories
Heel Hook Origins
Ivan Gomes
Pro Wrestling Origins
Erik’s Current Training
Street Situation Tests
Filming Bloodsport 3 in Sri Lanka
Kids Classes
Curriculum Development
Shooto Program Development
Grappling Teaching Methods

CSWP – 034 – CSW Podcast – Greg Nelson

Morning Routine
I.C.E. – Inspiring – Caring – Energetic
Firearm Fridays
I.D.S. – Integrated Defense Strategies
Gun Grappling
Pro Fighter Updates
Arm Triangle Hunters
Pat Barry & Rose Namajunas Training Updates
Training Angles
Implementing A Fighter’s Strengths
Tracking A Fighter’s Progress
Reviewing & Adjusting Curriculum
Sleep Routines
Finding Out What Works For You
Gut Health
Cold Press Drinks
Social Media
CSW 2022 World Conference
Upcoming Seminars
Keeping Your Energy When You Are Older
Shooto Lockflows
Sport vs. Fighting

Greg Nelson Online University
The Academy

CSWP – 033 – CSW Podcast – Nathan “Carnage” Corbett

Nathan’s Background
Meeting Erik Paulson
The Spats Story
The Golden Elbow
The Carnage System
Meeting Guro Dan Inosanto & Ajarn Chai Sirisute
Fighting K1 in Japan
When The Candle Goes Out – Knowing when to retire.
Life after fighting
The Elbow Striking System
Hip Replacement

Instagram: @carnagecorbett
YouTube: https://youtu.be/OiPu9MY34S4
Carnage Striking with Nathan Corbett: https://www.nathan-corbett.com/offers/ysKvfC8o/checkout