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Side Control

  • Wind & Grind
  • Figure 4
  • Short Arm Scissors High
  • Bicep Shin Slicer
  • Short Arm Scissors Low
  • Dive Roll Short Arm Scissors
  • Keylock From Chicken Wing Fail
  • Short Arm Scissors
  • Elbow Lift & Grind
  • X Terra
  • Wedge To Invisible Keylock
  • Top Leg Trap Shin Slicer
  • Shin Slicer Counters Bridge Leg Trap


  • Short Arm Scissors
  • Elbow Lift & Grind
  • Shin Grab Bicep Slicer Low
  • Dive Roll Short Arm Scissors
  • Reverse Bicep Slicer From Chicken Wing
  • Leg Trap Helicopter Bicep Slicer


  • Keylock From Guard
  • Tricep Grab Shin Slicer Counters The Achilles Lock


  • Bicep Slicer Variations

Standing vs. Ground

  • Calf Slicer vs. Combat Guard
  • Calf Slicer From Standing vs. Butterfly Hooks
  • Underhook The Leg – Scissor Slicer – Shin Slicer
  • Snake Leg To Shin Slicer
  • Calf Slicer Counters Achilles Lock

Butterfly Guard

  • Calf Slicer vs. Butterfly Guard
  • Spinning Helicopter Calf Slicer

Stick Keylocks

  • Far Arm Trap
  • Stick Bicep Slicer
  • 3 Leg Keylocks



DOWNLOAD NOW! – Regular Price: $129.95 – Sale Price: $99.95
PURCHASE DVD Version – Regular Price: $129.95 – Sale Price: $99.95

  • Volume 1 (1 Hour 34 Min)
    • Floor Work
    • Parallel Bars
    • Rings
    • High Bar
    • Rope
    • Wrist Training
    • Stall Bar
  • Volume 2 (1 Hour 9 Min)
    • Pommel Horse
    • Tumbling
    • Warm Up Routines
  • Volume 3 (50 Min)
    • Hand Speed Exercises
    • Fight Practice Warm Up
    • Agility Ladder
    • Low Hurdles
    • Controlling The Ring
    • Partner Strength Training
  • Volume 4 (1 Hour 22 Min)
    • Fast Feet Drills
    • Silat & Capoeira Warm Up Drills
    • Power Cable Strength
    • Power Cable – Mobility
    • Medicine Ball
    • Balance Ball
    • Jump Rope
    • Motion Master
    • Meditation
  • Bonus: 27 Page PDF Included

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