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CSW Shadow Wrestling Drills

19 Shadow Wrestling Drills to keep you moving smooth! Ben Jones is the CSW Fight Team Captain and can get you up to speed fast!

Taught by CSW Fight Team Captain – Ben Jones


This video is all about the STXKICKBOXING bag workout program. I get asked questions all the time by people in the gym, students, fighters, coaches: what can I do for a bag work out? What can I give my guys, my students, or my fighters to do for a bag work out? They get very bored of going in there and traditionally just hitting a heavy bag over and over and over. In this video we detailed a ton of drills that you can do, have your team do, or anybody in your gym do.

CSW 2015 World Conference – 4 DVD Set

CSW 2015 World Conference – 4 DVD Set. 6 Hours of training in Combat Submission Wrestling, STXKICKBOXING, Olympic Tae Kwon Do, MMA, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Silat Warm Ups, Boxing. Featuring Erik Paulson, Phil Norman, Roger Machado, Roland Ferrer, Fergus McTeggart, Ryan Gray.


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Coach Erik is the founder of the CSW Association and the creator of the CDP – Coach Development Program. The CDP is a program specifically designed to bring up professional coaches that can deliver the various programs of the association. The program not only teaches the curriculum at an advanced level but also how to deliver it as a professional instructor.

Bob Burgee is the technical director of the CSW Association. Bob oversees the association website, the video archive, online course development, and the CSW store. Contact Bob with any technical question at

Tonya Paulson is the vice president of the CSW Association, Tonya oversees scheduling of officially certified seminars for the association. Seminars can be scheduled with the association seminar team or with Coach Erik Paulson. Contact Tonya at

Kevin Lee is a logo designer, editor, and manages the CSW Nesletter.

Alan Baker is the Association Director for the CSW Association. He is the primary contact for questions regarding joining the Association or anything related to affiliate operations.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our affiliate team please contact Alan anytime at

Ben Jones has been with Coach Erik for over a decade. He is a professional fighter and trains with Coach Erik on a daily basis and is fully certified in CSW and STXKICKBOXING. He is also the captain of the CSW Fight Team and CSW Seminar Team.