Course Update – Motion Master – Module 2

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New Motion Master Drills Module!

Printable outline included to help you remember the sequences.

Module 2 2020-08 – Motion Master Drills

  • Unit 1 Module Outline
  • Unit 2 Punching Sequences
  • Unit 3 Knee On Belly Shuffle
  • Unit 4 Step & Spin
  • Unit 5 Post & Spin
  • Unit 6 Mount – Dismount
  • Unit 7 Around The World
  • Unit 8 Standing Drills
  • Unit 9 Mixed Movement With Striking
  • Unit 10 Fight Practice

CSW Game Development Download

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Now available for the first time as a download, Erik Paulson’s Game Development.


This video is me rolling and explaining the different games to play in the grappling “puzzle”. This video features many insights for any level grappler. This video was shot at Indiana University and, like the CSW Essentials Series, is the best quality. A Must Have!

With the Game Development Download, Erik shares his philosophy of training that made him a World Champion. Unlike instruction that offers little more than technique, The Game Development Download teaches you how to train to improve specific aspects of your fight game.

Game Development focuses on ground game development. Erik breaks down grappling training into eight “games” designed to improve your ground skills. Not only will you learn a series of training exercises, you also get to see how a World Champion uses movement and positioning as the critical foundation for grappling success.

Running Time: 55 min

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Egoless
Chapter 3: Defensive
Chapter 4: Attacking
Chapter 5: Floating
Chapter 6: Crushing
Chapter 7: Isolating Positions
Chapter 8: Worst Position
Chapter 9: Breaking The Spirit
Bonus: Klank – Blind

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Course Update – Best Defense – Volume 5 – Counters To Finishing Holds – Part 2

Course Update: Best Defense – Module 5 – Counters To Finishing Holds – Part 2

Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Countering Arm Locks
Unit 3 Countering Mount Attacks
Unit 4 Countering Side Control Attacks
Unit 5 Countering Guard Attacks
Unit 6 Countering Leg Attacks
Unit 7 Countering Standing Chokes
Unit 8 Countering Body Locks
Unit 9 Countering The Takedown
Unit 10 Countering The Rear Naked Choke
Unit 11 Countering The Straight Arm Bar
Unit 12 Conclusion

Course Update – Best Defense – Volume 3 – Escapes From Positions – Part 2

Greetings CSW Online University Members!

Best Defense – Volume 3 – Escapes From Positions – Part 2 is now available!

Module 3 Escapes From Positions – Part 2

Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Standing Guard Passes
Unit 3 Butterfly Passes
Unit 4 Vale Tudo Passes
Unit 5 Closed Guard Passes
Unit 6 North-South
Unit 7 Quarter Position
Unit 8 Rolling For Position


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