Building Lesson Plans

I’m excited to announce a new course in our affiliates business training section.

Affiliates Tips & Tricks: Building Lesson Plans

Today’s lesson starts the discussion about how to build your lesson plans. Creating classes and having a logical progression through the curriculum will help keep your students engaged, on track, and achieve their goals very efficiently. Having an organized program keeps your business strong, keeps the doors open, and makes sure you can continue to teach martial arts for the long term!


CSWP – 024 – CSW Podcast – Erik Paulson – Ben Jones

CSW Podcast – Episode 24 – Erik Paulson – Ben Jones

CSW Fight Team News. 8-0 so far in 2020!
The unity of the team and family vibe of the CSW Training Center and community.
Front Kick controversy and funny hollywood stories.
Geeking out about John Wick.
Ben got to meet Mickey Rourke and remembers a thumbs up from Sylvester Stallone.
The video camera / cell phone debate.
Upcoming seminars and camps.

These guys are so much fun! I love our CSW Family and feel blessed that we get to have these conversations.


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CSWP – 023 – CSW Podcast – Erik Paulson – Burton Richardson

CSW Podcast – Episode 23 – Sifu Burton Richardson

Sifu Burton Richardson is very well known in the JKD Community. This was a very fun interview with a truly talented and versatile instructor!

Zulu Stick Fighting
Where Burton learned the Rear Naked Choke for the first time.
Pressure Testing Your Techniques
Keeping The Training Fun and Approachable
A Few Business Tips For The Professionals

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