CSW Foundations Now Available For Download


CSW Foundations is the program that you need if you’re thinking about getting into the CSW Student Level curriculum. Ben Jones covers the basic positions, techniques, & drills that will prepare you for more advanced material. These are great refresher lessons even if you are intermediate or advanced. You’re never too good to practice the basics, and these drills will keep you sharp, maintain your foundations, and help prevent injuries.

This training is divided into 8 sections.

  • Stand Up Warm Ups
  • Ground Warm Ups
  • Stand Up Positions
  • Ground Positions – Top
  • Ground Positions – Bottom
  • Stand Up Drills
  • Ground Drills
  • Extras (Grips, Chokes, & Cranks)
  • 10 Page Quick Reference Outline Included.
  • 53 Page Manual With Photos Included.
  • 1 Hour, 47 Minutes.
  • HD Video With Chapter Markers For Easy Navigation.

Now Available for Download! Introductory & Sample Videos Coming Soon! DVD version available in 1 – 2 weeks.

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