Happy Birthday Erik Paulson!

Sunday, June 28. Erik Paulson celebrates his 43rd birthday today!

Happy Birthday Erik!

The CSW 2009 Camp DVDs are finished. 4 DVDs that are approx. 90 minutes each for a total of 6 hours of material! DVDs will be available for sale later this week.

New T-Shirts Coming Soon: Pugilist, CSW Camo, and Punch Drunk Killer. The Pugilist shirts are available in XL right now. We are waiting for new stock for the Larges. Camo will be added this week, and Punch Drunk Killer will be added soon. Also, there are Catch 101 shirts in the wings as well. Many of you have been asking about Rash Guards, and these are in the works as well.

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Erik Paulson!”

  1. Thank You Guys… I had a great bday this year with a huge party at our gym and lots of friends there to celebrate it!!!
    Yesterday I got to see the Transformers and that was the icing on the cake! P.S. I did iget a nice bday cake with only 10 cool candles, they didn’t have enough room for all the rest, and I didn’t eat a piece due all the excessive kid spit( from the candle blowing) and I’m cutting sugar out of my diet!!!

    3xl on the way

  2. Happy birthday Sensei Erik, sounds like you had a great day. You’re a diamond geezer. Hope to see you soon. Anyhow, i have to go now, ” I’ve got to get to Marrrrssssszzzz. James and Matt, London Town

  3. Thank you guys, thanks for the Love… Really enjoying my summer and ttravel time off. Just staying off the airplane in one week I’ve lost 15 pounds, have a normal schedule, get to work out daily, be here daily for the students and the fighters, watch an occasional movie, shoot some great practices for the web, and saved 500 dollars on my car insurancce from geico! I love to watch people grow and see their life change before my eyes due to hard training and positive influence. I’ve realized that that the best present that you can give someone is your undivided attention and love!
    Thank you again… Happy 4th of July

  4. Erik, Happy belated Birthday!!! I think you for your willingness to share all of your knowledge, your a true inspiration Erik, i have a few of your videos and i think your a great teacher, so let it be known that you are appreciated!!

  5. Happy belated Birthday Sensi I’ve been so caught up with my mom’s situation I want to say you are still my inspiration an Steph I still love you guy’s. i appreciate all that you have done for me and my school. Will see you soon Vic Lashley. CSW 4 ever!!!!!. Your gift is in the mail.

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