20 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar – Training Muay Thai”

  1. CSW’s star dickhead – turning people off to MMA across the world (listen to them booing!) Brock will bring down the MMA world single handed, and CSW with him. But I’m sure he’d smile about that as he’s an insecure ego-maniac, who’s probably always thought he was entitled, just because he was “genetically gifted.”

    Is it even legal to give teenagers steroids in high school?

    Fuck this Josh Barnett wannabe.

  2. I don’t agree. Although I may have liked to see him act a little different but hey he has been trashed on before he even got in the ring. He has a right to give the general populous of mma fans a razzing because he is a champ undeniably. They have disrespected him plenty. No flukes a pure win in dominating fashion.
    When you come into a show and your disliked from day what do you expect? One he can get emotion into the fan base even if its hating him. People will pay to hope to see him lose.
    He might be better for the growth and exposure of the sport than you think.

  3. Frank Mir was talking so much crap before this fight, I am not surprised Brock acted up after winning. Mir even talked bad about Brock’s coaches, which in my book is way out of line.

  4. Broc is the mann, stop talking shit.Some of you people act like your shit dont
    stink, like your the fucking mma police authority .This is PPV, not a major network. Im okay with a little drama for my $500.00 dollar seats.I seen Nick Diaz,Mark coleman,and the cast on the ultimate fighter act alot worse.

  5. Let’s not forget that absolutely no one is screaming about Henderson’s late (and arguably cheap) shot on Bisping. If Lesnar had done that he’d have been suspended or thrown out of the UFC. Hendo does it and everyone thinks it’s funny. Lesnar didn’t do anything that Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz or Tank Abbot hasn’t already done. People are just haters cuz Lesnar is proving everyone wrong, even with his pro-wrestling background.

  6. well if Brock is the man, he IS the man…he beat them ….what can you say except wish i was that gifted…good luck to him. i like a serious heavy weight. keeps it interesting bet he fills a lot of seats or a lot of ppv buys next time around.

  7. pre set holds… combos, patterns free flows, offense defense, srategy and tactics, power and speed holds, and get your head and body out of the way holds due to extreme damage control, to your body. It makes you respect the the heavyweight contender division…let me take some glucosamine now and an epsom salt bath later!!!
    i love pain and hard work…it makes me beg for more!!!

  8. Just a quick comment on Henderson’s “late hit”; almost all of the fighters strike until stopped. He stopped immediately once the ref stand in. Well trained fighters recover quickly and have even come back to win after a flash knock out. I’m not saying this was a flash knock out, but Henderson did not know it until the second strike. If you want a complaint- Rampage vs. Silva was late foul punches.

  9. Gifted? Yes he has the Nordic ancestry that responds well to physical and mental stresses.

    But hard work builds a man/fighter like Broc, not some lucky aberration of nature.

    I know a 285# blonde haired blue eyed lazy, tangle headed, fat fart here in the trailer park that couldn’t fight his way into a Twinky wrapper with out pullin a Hammy. Just cause he has similar ancestry as Broc don’t make him any more apt to fight better.

    You gotta want to. You gotta train like a………train.

    I remember when Broc first started in the WWE, his “manager” was Paul Heyman. Paul was giving an interview about him while Broc was doing pull-ups in the back ground. Broc never stopped, never broke rythm, (and I mean a brisk pace) and never seemed to tire through the whole interview, which seemed to be well over 30 seconds. he had to ahve done at least 25 to 30, wide grip pull-ups. Now that’s probably not much for a light weight, but for a 250# plus man, that is truely amazing.

    Say what you want, think what you want, I’ve always been of the mind that there are only two ways you can dog talk or run some one else down.

    1) you can beat them

    2) you accomplished more than them

    Broc’s a Goon, get used to it.




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