Brock Solid – Lesnar TKOs Mir in Two in UFC 100 Main Event

By Thomas Gerbasi

LAS VEGAS, July 11 – Brock Lesnar may not have made many fans in the Mandalay Bay Events Center Saturday night by stopping local hero Frank Mir in the second round of their long awaited UFC 100 rematch, but if there’s one thing clear, it’s that beating the UFC heavyweight champion is going to be a tall order for anyone in the division. (read the full story on

View the post fight press conference here:

7 thoughts on “Brock Solid – Lesnar TKOs Mir in Two in UFC 100 Main Event”

  1. he did apologies for it. we are in no position to judge him for that. he did a great job and he is learning from the right people. I have been to enough fights both pro and amateur where I have seen worse behavior. part of his job is stir up interest for the UFC. look at some of the stuff Tito did, especially to Guy Metzger. watch the post press conferences and the video of MMA live on if you get the chance.

  2. His behavior was wholly justified. He has been slandered, libeled and villified before he ever set foot in the ring. I’d have gave them the finger too.

    The man has right to be pissed.

  3. I feel much the same way. I wished he would have refrained some but it is justified. You get verbally beat down and ostricized before you even get a chance to compete. Then your previous wins are down played. You continue to dismantle even more dominatively each time you compete. You are allowed to give critics a big bucket of I told you so and F### off.
    People say Nick Diaz is so great and he was doing that long before Brock. I hope Brock doesn’t make it his M.O. for future fights but I let this one slide and I defend it.

  4. Thanks very much, Mike. I also think it was a mistake to chalk it up to his WWE “Heel” personality. They should have just laid it out to the detractors.

    “I was upset, I did some things. Some of them I won’t appologize for but it won’t happen again”.

  5. sean sherk is a super work horse…we all aspire to train at least a third as hard as he…he is the epitome of the quote ” Hard sweat is the lubricant of success” hands down. Thanks for leading…by example. “Train more… talk less” “Be the one talked about… not the one talking!”
    Godspeed Erik

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