16 thoughts on “Brock Lesnar Grappling / Submissions”

  1. Hi, its sure nice to train someone who listens and tries to apply his new tricks or apply his tactics that were developed as his strategy for success. All the other hype is a response to the crowd, not created by his coaches!!!BTW

  2. I am so glad that he is training with you mr paulson he is a great guy to learn catch wrestling i see he used a catch wrestling trap to beat mir , my grappling coach knows some catch but his main thing is japanese jujitsu

  3. He is very easy to coach because he listens and works hard….it’s a Minnesota trait. Seeing Brock improve day by day is testimony that hard work, discipline and the ability to be a student of the game pays off. When Brock first started with me he was a big super athletic wrestler, now he is a big constantly developing and evolving super athletic Mixed martial Artist. The biggest quality Brock has is his willingness to listen to the people around him and to really take care of those who take care of him. he is very loyal to his team….a quality that seems to vanishing in the mma world.

  4. Any chance Brock can give a shout out to Catch Wrestling in his next fight? If he let it known that he uses alot of Catch wrestling techniques, maybe more MMA fighters would incorporate it into their ground games and be more dynamic submission fighters.

  5. i hope lesnar is training for submissions… now.. bcoz carwin will b definitly working on his ground game i hope this is the strategy of lesnar…to shock carwin and world… i hope lesnar is also working on takedown to direct submissions…

  6. Shane Carwin, who won the interim heavyweight championship by defeating Frank Mir at UFC 111, will face current heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar. The two were originally set to face each other at UFC 106, before Shane Carwin won the interim heavyweight championship, but Brock Lesnar pulled out of the fight due to an illness that kept him from training.

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