9 thoughts on “7 Counters To A Right Cross”

  1. These are the counters for our stx kickboxing and mixed martial arts that we use everyday. There are many more that we use for takedowns, leg chops, belly kicks, liver shots, angulated uppercuts, bicep destructions,etc…
    bottom line, the more simpler the counter, the easier it is to remember!
    thanks, hope this is a better blog for you!

  2. The best way to practice these counters is to start out slow…then pick up the speed of the cross… then work it from a combo. The highest level is to pull it off from sparring, timing, then…live go’s. Practice practice practice
    Good luck, perfect practice makes perfect!

  3. Erik ,

    like to see what the counters are , of attempts , for takedowns, leg chops,belly kicks, liver shots, angulated uppercuts , bicep destructions, an other stuff — whatever they are ?

    is there a dvd video for that ?

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