3 thoughts on “Wall Defense”

  1. wow!! great techniques, ive never even thought of them before let alone seen the before.
    i was wondering why is Fred George called the “Detroit Diesel”? i lived here in detroit my whole life. south west detroit to be exact.
    Mac Danzig should have used these techniques for when he fought Clay Guida this past Wensday. mac danzig is a vegan, what do you think about that?? and thanks for the techiquest, their great!

    ps: maybe ill try that on my brother when he tries to take me down again, but ill probably be scared to break his neck!!! (he wont follow his body and turn the other way to try to power out of it)

  2. Freddy is a CSW Instructor under me . He has the best wall/ cage wall game . He is harder than shit to Get down . You are right , he’s from Detroit and he is Big and Strong. Like I said… he has a great defensive wall game … look and learn!

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