MMA Origins: Erik Paulson, Shooto’s Forgotten Champion

Arguably the oldest Mixed Martial Arts promotion, the Japanese wrestling circuit Shooto was also the home of one of the sport’s first truly well rounded fighters. Erik Paulson would become Shooto’s first American champion and one of MMA’s forgotten greats.

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  1. THANK YOU FOR REMEMBERING ME…BOY HOW TIME FLYS! Plant the seeds, grow the tree…nurture it…let it prosper and reap the fruits! Getting is one thing…Giving is of the Highest order! When you fight, it’s all about you. When you teach and coach, it’s all about your fruits, your lambs. Your flock can give you more rewards than just focusing on your self, which can be selfish. Life is about seasons. Time to Train, time to rest, time to nurture, time to ponder. Hard Training and competing is Vital, as a coach, training others to achieve greatness and changing lives daily gives back ten fold! This is the order!

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