4 thoughts on “CSW Student Level 6 – 10 – Preview 1”

  1. Well, through a long period of teaching…I was able to figure out a final syllabus to help others with the no gi get better! This is where we are going and believe that this will take you to the top of total understanding the old and new game together!!! Don’t forget… its Christmas soon!!!

  2. I have been training with Sensei Erik Paulson since 1996. As an amature, professional competitor and a as a coach I have always found his material cutting edge and very applicable. If your an MMA fighter, Submission Wrestler , Stand up/Striking Competitor or you just love training… The new CSW Student Level 6-10 Sensei Erik has just put out is definitely something to look at!

    Danny Suarez
    Student, Competitor, Coach & Always a Student (full circle, keep learning)

  3. WOW!!!!!!! I’ve been in the csw system for more than a decade, and all I can say is erik paulson never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think you know moves, Erik comes along and shows you so many variations, and so many details that you’ve never seen. Thus these latest sets 6-10 are a must have for anyone that can appreciate a master of multiple systems. One of the best teachers I’ve ever had!!!!!

  4. These Advanced Level 2 DVDs look amazing. Erik – your instructionals were some of the very first I ever watched and they totally ruined me for most of the other material that’s out there. You show so much great stuff while always managing to drive home the most important aspects of a technique – the stuff that makes it high percentage.

    Congratulations and thank you again or producing all this great reference material. I’m grateful, and I’m sure that many other teachers, competitors and recreational trainers appreciate having you in their digital corner as well!

    Stephan Kesting

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