1 thought on “CSW East Coast Mini Camp Photos”

  1. Hi it’s Erik –
    This was a fun time time went fast and was short to do all of the things that we wanted to do! We did get to cover a plethra of drills techniques principles and ranges hoping to make all happy. Meditation is to ground you and recharge your energy. The key is to train hard, learn, expand your knowledge … then grow expedientally! I got to see many great people and teach with Master Greg and spend time w my brother Nick and Danny Suarez . I got to see Nick’s family, ride his super bike and burn my ankle . Got to spend a nice dinner w Nick on his bday and play w the baby! New York is Red Hot ! God Bless my friends! open your heart and mind, meet new friends and train Hard…train Smart! “sweat is the lubricant of success” ” be the one talked about …not talking” “Opera non Verba” deeds not words! kiai to the tenth power.
    Great Love

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