CSW Camp 2012 – Day 4

Day 4 began with an inspirational message from Coach Greg Nelson on keeping perspective. Next, Coach Erik Paulson took over and opened up an encyclopedia of submissions. Session two was pad, mitt, & shield drills. Everyone then moved on to putting what they have learned to the test with Live Go’s. Grappling sparring, Kickboxing Sparring, MMA Sparring. The day ended with another set of group cage matches and the cage/street melee. This was a wonderful camp with great energy and hard work. If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to attend next year. Until then, Train Hard, Train Smart!

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3 thoughts on “CSW Camp 2012 – Day 4”

  1. Looked like a GREAT camp! Cant wait to get the vids! Listen, the quote on the shirt, Believe none of what you hear, half of what you see and All of what you feel! my dad would tell be this quote when I was 7 years old all the way up to his death when I was 12. I always contributed him to it! I have lived my life by this quote! Anyway, I would love to know where i could order the shirt from! My jaw dropped when i read that!! LOL Thank you! Billy Brown, Murfreesboro TN

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