Brock Lesnar’s Status

Brock Lesnar is recovering and will expect to know if he needs another surgical operation soon. If it is not needed, he can attempt to make a near summer return in 2010.

His weight is being maintained as he cannot naturally maintain a weight of under 265 pounds. His body is just not fit for it. Weight loss is not an issue. His body is still able to maintain his weight of 275 pounds at this time. he will return to his natural 300 pounds very easily and very quickly once training resumes and he is able to go by his previous diet.

Lesnar is anxious to resume training and was disappointed that he was not able to fight Shane Carwin.

Lesnar thanks all the fans for their support.

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  1. Was this the video and update that Lesner refered to in his recent statement? He said he was pissed off about the guys in his camp and that he was going to fire them. I hope that does not mean that he’s through with Nelson and Paulson.

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