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Ajarn Bob Carver sharing some sport science with us! Comprehensive Combatives is a program that Bob will be releasing soon. It is a program to help instructors improve their coaching and analysis to better train their students and athletes. Today we talked about getting proper rest for recovery, energy systems, monitoring your heart rate, and improving your aerobic conditioning.


Anaerobic Lactic Peak Power Maintenance workout

Time _ 1 hr.

Make sure they have broken a sweat before first rep!
Equipment: Thai pads, white board or sheet to write reps & hr

Work Phase: 60s
Holder counts kicks out loud (usually in tens until last few seconds)
Double kick minimum
Goal is to have as many fast and hard kicks with good form as possible.

Rest Phase: 1min 30s (this will give a 1:2.5 work rest ratio. A little thin
but with one set shouldn’t be a problem.

Partner holds

Repeat 6 times

Intensity 85-100%, if someone gets white they are going too hard
(use 220 – age for a ballpark maximum HR

equipment: Whistle, stopwatch
let them know where they are: 1st repeat first side etc.
Give them time feedback, and be ready to motivate “go go go…harder, etc)
30 seconds left
15 seconds left
5 seconds left.
find your pulse, ready, and, count (10 seconds) TIME
hitter gets number from holder, writes # reps and 10s HR

Goal is to maintain number and quality of reps


Cut Healing Time Reference: Ringside and Training Principles
chapter by Dr. Flip Homansky

“0-21 days – simple healing
21 days to 6 weeks – tensile strength starts (cut looks good but can re-open easily)
6-12 weeks – maturation of scar
3 months you have 80% healing (cross bridging old fibres)
10 months complete healing
We don’t let cuts heal adequately and this is one reason they re-open.
Suspensions are important in this regard.”

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