Heavy Bag Speed Drills – Nicolas Saignac – CSW 2019 World Conference

 Heavy Bag Speed Drills!

From the Savate session of the CSW 2019 World Conference. Professor Nicolas Saignac.

Drill 1: Jab & Circle Out
Drill 2: Straight Punches – Lateral Movement
Drill 3: Body Shots – Lateral Movement
Drill 4: Fouette – Single Leg – Low
Drill 5: Fouette – Both Legs – Low
Drill 6: Fouette – Both Legs – Low High
Drill 7: Fouette – Single Leg – Low High

CSWP – 017 – CSW Podcast – Nicolas Saignac

Professor Nicolas Saignac. One of the originators of the STXKICKBOXING system. He is a regular at our annual CSW World Conference every April at the CSW Training Center in Fullerton, CA. Nicolas teaches Savate at seminars as well!

United States Savate Federation: http://ussavate.org

Nicolas Saignac Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolas.saignac 

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In this sample: Erik Paulson – Clinch Punching, Nicolas Saignac – Savate Kick Punch Combos, Mario Angelito – Focus Mitt Combinations, Bryan Dobler – Speed & Power, Sparring Samples. Available on DVD, Digital Download, and as part of our premium subscription service.