CSWP – 019 – CSW Podcast – Ben Jones

CSW Podcast with Ben Jones! Awesome show! We talked about what’s going on with the fight team, the martial mentality, how an average guy or gal can train like the pros and not be intimidated or hurt, and some great seminar deals coming up!

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Hand Taping For MMA

Throughout my years of fighting professionally, coaching, and cornering I’ve noticed one thing that is drastically missing from being a cornerman or a coach, and that’s being able to tape hands properly. The art of taping hands is very important to the game. You want your fighters to be able to punch as hard as they possibly can and be safe during a fight. Keep their most important tool, their hands, safe. You need to be able to tape hands properly. In this DVD I’m going to cover everything you need to know about taping hands.

  • Warming up your fighter’s hands.
  • How to prepare your workspace.
  • How to make the knuckle pads.
  • Choosing the proper equipment.

Bonus: I’m also going to show you how to use regular everyday hand wraps and prepare your hands for either hitting the bag, hitting mitts, or sparring. It’s very easy and a fast way to use traditional hand wraps. Whether you’re using a boxing glove on an MMA glove, it works with both.

  • It doesn’t slip.
  • It doesn’t move.
  • It stays nice and tight on your hand.
  • It helps protect your hands from injury.

CSWP – 014 – CSW Podcast – Ben Jones

News: Ben Jones was named Head Coach of the CSW Pro Fight Team.
News: LFA 24 Event Phoenix, AZ. Curtis Millender. 1st Round Knockout. 38 seconds.
How does someone join the fight team?
What is the normal routine for fight practice?
What does the team consist of for a fighter?

  • Manager, Coach, Team Mates, Promoter, etc.
    New DVD & Download! Hand Taping For MMA coming out this week.

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CSW Bridging

The Bridge is one of the most important techniques for escaping from the bottom. In Catch Wrestling, one of the most important aspects of the game is not getting stuck on the bottom. The Bridge is extremely effective at creating space and opportunities to escape from the bottom.

If you make Bridging a part of your game, nobody will ever hold you down. Your Catch Wrestling game will go through the roof and you will be able to escape from any bottom position.
Work on your Bridge!


  1. Back Bridge
  2. Back Bridge – Hands Assist
  3. Back Bridge – Touch Mat
  4. Back Bridge to Three Point Stance
  5. Explosive Back Bridge to Three Point Stance
  6. Jane Fonda Bridge – Together – Apart – Hips Up
  7. Back Bridge On Forehead
  8. Back Bridge On Forehead – Hands Assist
  9. Back Bridge Walk Around To Front Neck Bridge
  10. Back Bridge Over Partner?s Quarter Position
  11. Flip Flop Over Partner?s Quarter Position
  12. Reverse Sit Ups From Quarter Position
  13. Partner Assisted Standing Back Bridge
  14. Hanging Arm Throw
  15. Arm & Body Throw
  16. Belly To Belly Half Turn Throw
  17. Belly To Belly Suplex


  1. Bridge From Side Control
  2. Bridge From Kesa Gatame
  3. Bridge From Kuzure Kesa Gatame
  4. Bridge From North South
  5. Bridge From Mid Mount
  6. Bridge From Low Mount
  7. Bridge From Knee On Belly
  8. Bridge From Guard
  9. Bridge From Half Guard