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The CSW Network!

Free Online Training and Members Online Training

You are already here! has two plans available (soon to be three).

  • FREE Public Website: Hundreds of free training videos, seminar listings, galleries, and it is the main hub for the CSW Network.
  • Basic CSW Membership Plan: $75.00 per year. Hundreds of training videos, articles, and Erik’s fight video archive. Learn More
  • Premium CSW Membership Plan: $29.95 per month, or $299.95 per year (two months free). Hundreds more training videos, access to all of the Basic Members content, much of the DVD library, and more info to come!

CSW Training Headquarters

  • The official website for the CSW Training Center.
  • If you are interested in what is going on at the school in Fullerton, CA, this is the site to visit.
  • Class Schedules, instructor and fighter bios, and much more.
  • You can schedule visits and see what is happening with students and fighters.

CSW Coach

  • This website is for the professional martial artist who wants to add the CSW Curriculum to his/her program.
  • Intended for affiliates and coaches who want to take their program to the next level and get in sync with the CSW Program.

CSW Online Store

  • This is where you can purchase physical products and register for camps.
  • We have DVDs, T-Shirts, Books, and Online Registrations.
  • Pick up some DVDs for your personal collection and get your gear!

Social Media for Erik Paulson

Latest Blog Posts

  • Go to our main blog feed page to view the latest videos, news, and announcements.


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