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2 thoughts on “Conclusion”

  1. Well Done. My 1st school was a Capoeira based school. These videos was the professors 101 class. Showed in the play video. JKD Wrist Roll in a way Wing Chun like arm/hand movements with my wrestling really wrecked havoc on that school. Switch legs and post. Capoeira has a tendency with good wrestling to get caught in the hook leg side into their side guard. You don’t always need to pendulum… fact proper push pull technique… shift weight, lean and crunch to then hook off like a swivel. Grabbing the belt negates unbreakable opponents wrist grips. Keep in mind that the leg that is hooked has vastly more muscle recruitment than of the hooking leg ( out power it with ease.) . Switching Legs. Caught in a Can opener…. was not allowed to use that…fact you can sneak it in standing based on height issues. Good Videos . I think there outta Virgina…. we know who Sensei works with tho.

    Note: I am a no stripe white belt…. I never been promoted to anything above it ever…. nor have I truly claimed other wise. Me and Coach Erik met for the first time at a Leg Lock Seminar. I did not start watching his videos till after 3 schools that did not want me. Truth. I just want to be where I am actually wanted. I am not a tough guy.

    — Jonny

  2. Just finished the whole series and it was phenomenal.

    I personally have developed not only skills and game plans from DL but it has improved me entire game as a grappler due to having more confidence in this position if I do end up here and am unable to get back to standing (which I usually can pull off)

    This was amazing for myself and will be using this to create my own ways to teach my students. Thank you!

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