CSW Student Level 01 – 08 – Guard From Cross Body

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2 thoughts on “CSW Student Level 01 – 08 – Guard From Cross Body”

  1. A lot of schools I have been to in Australia teach to go to prayer position when your opponent is taking side control on you. I have noticed that in the first star drill and several other videos that the person on bottom usually starts in prayer. What are your thoughts on the prayer position and when should it be used?

    • Shaun,
      Ideally, you would want your hands in that position in order to reduce the weight of the opponent and to allow for some space to escape, sweep, submit, etc. Your hands, however, will usually not be in that position. I’ve found that the better the opponent, the harder it is to stay closed off like that. His goal is to get your limbs as far away from your torso as possible. Time spent on the mat along with continuous attribute development will help a lot.

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