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Steve Newman
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Steve Newman

Professor Steve has been training, learning and teaching martial arts for many years. He still trains hard everyday to make sure he is the best he can be and to be the best possible instructor.

Professor Steve is the head instructor and owner of Matrix Martial Arts and achieved his Black Belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu from Mastre Sylvio Behring in 2016. He currently trains under Professor Lovato Jr the most decorated American JiuJitsu practitioner in history. Professor Steve is also a coach under the great Erik Paulson, founder of CSW Combat Submission Wrestling and one of the pioneers of MMA in America. At Matrix Martial Arts he will be teaching Coach Erik’s STX Kickboxing, CSW NoGi grappling and Professor Lovato Jrs JiuJitsu curriculum.

It is Professor Steves dream to build a martial arts school where everyone can thrive and a place where everyone can feel safe. Professor Steve can help you to build confidence, lose weight, learn something new or even compete if that is your dream one day.


I started my martial arts journey in Bournemouth, England at 12 years old with Shukokai Karate and continued to train up until I had achieved a purple belt in that art at the age of 15. I decided to started to train again after a break and found a Wado Ryu Karate school. This time I was determined to train hard and get my black belt. I did train hard, training 4-5 times a week and was well on my way to that black belt when after 3 years my instructor came into class and announced that we wouldn’t be training Wado Ryu anymore but switching to Zen Shorin Do. So again my Karate journey stopped at purple belt.

At this point I was introduced to Colin Sherrard and Jeet Kune Do. Colin ran the School Of Fighting Arts in Poole, Dorset. When I started training with Colin I knew my martial arts was going to go to a different level. Colin Sherrard was one of only a few full instructors under Guru Dan Inosanto in England at the time. My eyes were opening to a whole new world of martial arts. Muay Thai, Savate, Eskrima (knife and stick), trapping and grappling to name a few. I had the pleasure of training with Guru Dan Inosanto on numerous occasions at various seminars around the country. I was also meeting other great martial artists; Erik Paulson, Rick Faye, Rick Young. During this I was also fortunate to meet Phil Norman. Phil was Colin’s best friend and training partner and an amazing martial artist. Sadly in 1999 Colin passed away. I knew without a doubt that if I wanted to continue to train JKD Phil Norman was my best option.