Michael Sotos

Rogue One Martial Arts
280 E. Hersey St., #3
Ashland, OR 97520
541-301-4124 | Email | Website

Michael has been training in martial arts for over 10 years. Michael emphasizes the fitness and movement aspects of the martial arts. He began his martial arts training in high school with Tae Kwon Do. He practices EHAMA Eskrima-Kali-Arnis, a multi style system based out of Doce Pares and teaches EHAMA E-K-A at multiple locations. He trained for many years at Ashland Progressive Fighting Systems under Sifu John Doty. He is currently a Full Instructor with Progressive Fighting Systems, an Associate Level IV Instructor with the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Grappling Association, and a 3rd degree Black Belt in EHAMA Eskrima-Kali-Arnis. Michael also holds a Brown Belt in Aikido and a 4 stripe white belt ranking in Brazilian Ju Jitsu. He is also a certified fitness coach.

Michael’s training philosophy : “ I love to introduce people to the fitness aspects and brain/cognitive benefits of martial arts training. It’s so much more than self defense, it’s a way of life.”