Marcus Charles

Cell: 708-296-4221

Marcus Charles is the Lead Pro Coach of Illinois of CSW. Marcus is also a JKD/Kali weapons, and Self-Defense Instructor. He has taught various Military, Law Enforcement, and civilian agencies. Marcus has been training and teaching since the age of 20. He fell in love with physical fitness at the age of 16 afer seeing and reading about Arnold Schwarzenegger. His love of bodybuilding changed to martial arts after reading an article in Muscle and Fitness magazine about Arnold’s admiration of Bruce Lee. Living on the Southside of Chicago and being a security bouncer for many years, Marcus has had many encounters where he has had to defend himself.
Marcus’ goal for his students is to combine the athletic training of MMA with the Self-Defense drills of various arts to make his students grow to their full potential.


  • Pro Coach 1 under Erik Paulson
  • Lead Pro Coach for Illinois of CSW
  • Senior Training Officer Director of Operations of Progressive Fighting Systems
  • Senior Instructor under Paul Vunak
  • Senior Instructor under Thomas Cruse
  • Full Instructor Under Larry Hartsell
  • Illinois Director for JKD Grappling Association
  • Associate Instructor under Dan Inosanto
  • Instructor Level 1 under Rick Fayes MKG
  • Instructor Candidate under Francis Fong
  • Pekiti Tirsia International
  • Giron Escrima Affiliate
  • Marcus also studied under Keith Wetosky, David Hatch, John Spezzano, Tony Checchine, Keith”The Giant Killer” Hackney, Jon ” The Jet” Manos.