Kevin Blackbourn

Kevin Blackbourn
Cho’s Tae Kwon Do Center: Copperfield Academy
7510 Cherry Park Drive, Suite C
Houston, TX 77095

School Manager for Chos TKD: Copperfield
Academy Phone: 832-215-8876

Cho’s Tae Kwon Do is a family owned and operated martial art school that has been serving the Greater Houston Area since 1978. Our Copperfield academy opened its doors back in 2004 and has been serving the Copperfield area ever since. Kevin Blackbourn, the academy manager, has been training in martial arts for nearly his entire life beginning his martial art journey in Traditional Tae Kwon Do and has never stopped training (nearly 25 years ago). Under the guidance of his father, a martial artist himself, Mr. Blackbourn branched his training early on to include Hapkido, Submission Wrestling, Boxing / kickboxing, and Filipino Kali always trying to train on the practice side of martial arts. Since 2007, Mr. Blackbourn has been dedicated to teaching the next generation of martial artist.