Business Training – Level 5 – Brown

Level 5 – Brown – 200 – 300 Students

Welcome! Whether you are a small training group, small school, or established business, you can get benefit from this level! Make sure you take all of the lessons and more importantly, TAKE ACTION! Your journey begins here!

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Module 2 Marketing
Unit 1 Movie Theater Screen Ads
Unit 2 Annual Awards Banquet
Unit 3 Demonstration Team
Unit 4 Weekly Staff Meeting
Unit 5 Quarterly Staff Meeting
Unit 6 Hiring A Quarterly Accounting Service
Unit 7 A Big Step
Unit 8 Temporary Road / Street Sign
Unit 9 Gift Certificates To Local Charity Events
Unit 10 Booths At Any Type Of Local Event
Unit 11 Market Specific Direct Mail Mailing Lists
Unit 12 Your Marketing Plan
Unit 13 Program Director - Staff Training
Unit 14 Program Director Sales
Unit 15 Hiring Your First Full Time Employee
Unit 16 Marketing Responsibilities Of Your Program Director
Unit 17 Local Events - Community Day
Module 3 Operations
Unit 1 Cadillac Treatment
Unit 2 Renewals - Program Upgrades
Unit 3 Increasing Student Value
Unit 4 Program Director - Merchandise Sales
Unit 5 Instructor Daily Procedures
Unit 6 Instructor Monthly Procedures
Unit 7 Fifty Ways To Praise
Unit 8 Why Students Quit
Unit 9 Attitude Development
Unit 10 Attitudes Shape Your World
Unit 11 You're The Model
Unit 12 Positive Winning Attitude
Unit 13 Enthusiasm
Unit 14 Professional Instructor Attitudes
Unit 15 Complaints
Unit 16 4 Quadrants Of Time Management
Unit 17 Be The Role Model
Unit 18 Negative People
Unit 19 Commit 100%
Unit 20 Teacher Student Relationship
Unit 21 Teacher Teacher Relationship
Unit 22 Style vs. Style
Unit 23 Respect
Unit 24 The Purpose Of Martial Arts Training
Module 4 Finance
There are no units in this module.

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