Alex Lee

Core Combat Unlimited
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Alex began his training in Karate and Wing Chun as a teenager, but it was his discovery of Muay Thai at Hong Kong’s famous Tiger Gym that led him to competitive combat sports. Alex has represented their fight team in more than 20 Muay Thai contests, winning several Hong Kong titles and championships. Seeking new challenges, Alex also began competing in Sanda and Boxing tournaments before discovering MMA in the form of Japan’s Pride FC. Shortly afterward he began training in Brazilian Jiujitsu and starts to competed in Legend FC, as the first native Hong Kong fighter. After his fighting career he looks up to how he could use all he learnt to help common people protecting themselves. In the meantime he’s trained in different combat/reality based self defense systems.Through his practice in his executive protection career, hes now back to the basics.

  • Filipino martial arts  Instructor  (Sifu Tylus Quan of Core Combat Unlimited)
  • CSW/ STX kickboxing/MMA/BJJ  Affiliated Instructor (Sensei Erik Paulson of CSW)
  • STX Kickboxing Coach level 1(Sensei Erik Paulson of CSW)
  • CSW Coach level 1(Sensei Erik Paulson of CSW)
  • Advanced Instructor (Integrated Combat System) 
  • Dirty Boxing Instructor Level 3 (Warrior Art Alliance) 
  • Muay Thai Instructor (HKMTA)
  • Kettlebell Instructor (IKSFA)
  • Personal Trainer (NASM)
  • Bronze Medal in World kickboxing championship 2010
  • No.1 in Hong Kong Muay Thai Open Championship 2009 (63.5 KG)
  • Winner in Hong Kong Sanda Open Championship 2005 (65Kg)
  • Kickboxing records 18-9 | Pro MMA records 0-2