STXKICKBOXING – Focus Mitt Blitzes

Mario Angelito & Craig Wilkerson doing some focus mitt combos. This is a small section from the boxing portion of the STXKICKBOXING DVDs that will soon be available. This new DVD Set from CSW will also include a full E-Book outlining the techniques and breaking them down so you can follow along and learn fast!

Enjoy this short clip. Many more previews to come shortly. This is going to be a super packed DVD Set.

1 thought on “STXKICKBOXING – Focus Mitt Blitzes”

  1. Good fast speed holds ! Power shots are usually on the bag or the two handed doughnut pad! focus mitts are the ‘icing on the cake’, the ‘tool sharpener’! Remember this is only a bit part of boxing! ex. Running, sprinting, shadow-boxing, jumping rope, partner drills, calastetics, situations, heavy bag, double end bag , speed-bag…then sparring. When your boxer is ready to go the focus mitts buff the steal, polish the wax…sharpen the tools! Great Job guys! Great Holds!

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