5 thoughts on “CSW 2009 Camp Outtakes – Boxing Sparring – Part 3”

  1. just very curious, what constructive critiscism could Erik offer for say Brandon Vera? he seems in shape, i know he kicks hard and is tuff but seems burnt when he gets in the cage? i use him cause i am semi knowledgeable about his camps and watch him train.

  2. Hi what’s his 1 week out prefight training like. How’s his last week like… it should be alot of mostly drilling, light walk throughs, rolling situations, cardio and anearobic conditioning light and quick lifting… and mental game playing, WHAT HIS OPPONANT WILL DO, AND WHAT HE’LL DO TO ANSWER…and WHAT’S THE FOLLOW UP PLAN JUST IN CASE GAME 1 DOES’NT WORK! hope this helps!

  3. sadly that i can’t give you as he is always leaving a week out to get acclimated to city he fights in…i do know he cuts way back at least a week out and his diet has been changed so he doesn’t have to dry up so much to make weight.Rob Kaman does his mt, and Rhadi Fergusson does a lot of his conditioning program selection.. as for game specifics, wish i knew that

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