Course Update – Best Defense – Volume 3 – Escapes From Positions – Part 2

Greetings CSW Online University Members!

Best Defense – Volume 3 – Escapes From Positions – Part 2 is now available!

Module 3 Escapes From Positions – Part 2

Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 Standing Guard Passes
Unit 3 Butterfly Passes
Unit 4 Vale Tudo Passes
Unit 5 Closed Guard Passes
Unit 6 North-South
Unit 7 Quarter Position
Unit 8 Rolling For Position


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CSBJJ Blue To Purple Curriculum Now Available!

Greetings CSW Affiliates & CSW Online University Members!

The CSBJJ Blue To Purple Curriculum is now available!

40 very detailed modules to help you learn fast!

  • Overview videos with Sensei Erik Paulson coaching the details.
  • Snippet videos that isolate each technique for easy reference without having to scroll through a long video.
  • Technique charts to show you a quick list of what is covered in each module.


Building Lesson Plans

I’m excited to announce a new course in our affiliates business training section.

Affiliates Tips & Tricks: Building Lesson Plans

Today’s lesson starts the discussion about how to build your lesson plans. Creating classes and having a logical progression through the curriculum will help keep your students engaged, on track, and achieve their goals very efficiently. Having an organized program keeps your business strong, keeps the doors open, and makes sure you can continue to teach martial arts for the long term!


CSBJJ – Blue To Purple – Open Guard Passes

Greetings CSW Affiliates & Online University Members!

CSBJJ Course Update: Blue To Purple
Module 21: Open Guard Passes

Pummel The Feet
Grab The Belt
Side To Side Pass
Hurdler’s Pass
Sprawl Pass
Slide Pass
Helicopter Pass
Reverse Helicopter Pass
Circle Pass
Tour Jete Pass
Spinning Seated Helicopter Pass
Shuffle To North-South
Reverse Spinning Helicopter Pass
Shin Slide Pass
Superman Pass
L Pass
Pin Pass
Double Under Pass


CSBJJ – Blue To Purple – Knee On Belly Defense

Greetings CSW Online University & Affiliates!

CSBJJ Blue To Purple – Knee On Belly Defense module now available!

More modules from the Blue to Purple requirements coming this week!

Module 20 Knee On Belly Defense

Unit 1 Knee On Belly Defense – Overview
Unit 2 Two Hand Push To Armpit
Unit 3 Two Hand Push To Half Guard
Unit 4 Hip Away
Unit 5 Under Hook The Leg & Bridge
Unit 6 Pop Up To Heel Hook Or Toe Hold