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Phoenix Mitts – Paul Reavlin – Launching @ Revgear University

Post by Paul Reavlin.

Catch Wrestling Seminar With “The Warmaster” – Josh Barnett – Saturday – June 14, 2014 – CSW Headquarters

Learn from UFC Champion and King of Pancrase, Josh Barnett! Saturday – June 14th – 11am – CSW Training Center – Fullerton, CA. Facelocks, Double Wristlocks, Toe Holds, Holds, Rides, Takedowns & Concepts of the Violent Art!

CSW Affiliate Workshop – Marcus Charles – 5-31-2014 – Festus, MO

CSW Association Lead Coach Marcus Charles will be doing a workshop on 5-31-2014 in Festus, MO at Hahn Extreme Fitness.

CSW Student Level 6 – 10 Now Available as HD Download

Now available as HD and SD download versions. Take your training with you on your mobile device! Outlines included.

Phil Norman’s Ghost – CSW 2014 World Conference

Phil Norman’s Ghost. A very elusive approach to the stand up game. Phil’s material is fantastic and it was a great addition to the CSW 2014 World Conference.


In this sample: Erik Paulson – Clinch Punching, Nicolas Saignac – Savate Kick Punch Combos, Mario Angelito – Focus Mitt Combinations, Bryan Dobler – Speed & Power, Sparring Samples. Available on DVD, Digital Download, and as part of our premium subscription service.

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