2015-02-05 CSW Affiliates Podcast

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2 thoughts on “2015-02-05 CSW Affiliates Podcast”

  1. great stuff I have always heard the two types of people who work in business 1work on the business 2 work in the business and to have a programme designed for both is amazing .even more excited now about being part of the csw family and growing my school and myself thank you for very informative podcast

  2. I really want to know more about how to start up a good ma school. Getting students that are committed. I would like to get families in the door. There is so much of overhead that really drains the pocketbook. Rent is high here in Vancouver area. Insurance is also high here too. When you talk to a landlord they they want martial arts insurance and that is like insuring another car. You really need at least 6-12 students to start with. I’ve tried Groupon and they helped to fill the room but they don’t stay. Maybe a podcast on how to really get started?

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