Mike Townsend

PMA Suncoast
20801 Starkey Rd. #22
Seminole, FL 33777
843-471-6352 | Email | Website

Mr. Townsend started his martial arts journey in the mid 1980’s with Shito Ryu Karate. Later competing in wrestling and boxing. While earning a first-degree black belt in Aikido he discovered Muay Thai; the art that would enamor him for years to come. While serving in the military Mr. Townsend began training under Frank Cucci and later Wahsei Miran. It was Mr. Miran who took coach Mike under his wing and really began the growth process. Under Mr. Miran’s tutelage coach Mike would get the opportunity to train under martial arts legends such as Guro Dan Inosanto, Ajarn Chai Sirisute, Relson Gracie, Sensei Erik Paulson and Josh Barnette. After earning an instructorship in Muay Thai under Kru Miran, Mr. Townsend moved to Thailand where he trained at the Por. Prumuk gym and Chiang Rai gym, eventually earning another Muay Thai instructorship from former 3x Lumpinee champion Ajarn Lud. In 2010 Kru Mike moved to Quito, Ecuador where he opened an MMA gym with business partner and BJJ black belt Daniel Marquez. In 2015 Mr. Townsend returned to the United States where he continues his training in CSW, Muay Thai/STX, BJJ and Krav Maga. Kru Mike is currently the head instructor at PMA Suncoast in Seminole FL.