Jason Gaule

The Forge Martial Arts Academy
Tilgate Forest Recreation Centre
Crawley, Sussex, RH11 9BQ
07549 924018 | Email | Website

Jason has trained in Martial Arts since he was eleven years old. Initially starting in boxing he went on to join a couple of traditional Martial Art styles at Fourteen before settling on Spirit Combat obtaining the rank of first degree black belt. Upon moving to Glasgow he started to study Jeet Kune Do and the Filipino Martial Arts before returning to Sussex after ten years. Once back in the South East he started to train with the legendary Bob Breen rising to balck belt instructor under Guru Bob. He remains training with Guru Bob for some twenty years now. He has also trained with other martial arts notably BJJ that saw him staying in Thailand for four months to raise his grappling game. He has also travelled extensively, globally, training with different schools around the world including at the prominent Greg Jackson gym in Albuquerque. Finally he also holds instructor levels in a couple of reality based systems an area he favours.