Jamie Morris

Morris Tactical Fighting / The Cultural Arts Training Foundation
1438 Backline Road
Folsom, NJ 08037
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Jamie Morris is a defensive tactics instructor with a martial arts background spanning back 35 years. Starting with youth wrestling as a child and developing boxing and kung fu into high school years. Jamie later gained experience in the arts of Aikido, Judo, before finding instruction in the art of Jeet Kune Do under Shihan Bill Dutill under Professor Gary Dill of JKD/SDS systems. He later found instruction under JKD legend Paul Vunak. Jeet Kune Do opened up more experience with Eskrima, Brazilian Joy Jitsu, and Combat Submission Wrestling. After teaching Jeet Kune Do exclusively, Jamie decided to dedicate himself to the Filipino Warrior Arts under LAMECO, Kali Ilustrisimo, and Manaois Eskrima, respectively under Guro’s Ariel Flores Mosses, Dino Flores, Viko Perrine, and Brandon Ricketts. Throughout all of this experience, Jamie has brought together a defensive tactics program to help those in need and limited mobility. “Martial arts given me so much, and my purpose is to give back”