7 thoughts on “Erik Visits The Chiropractor Again”

  1. HI Y’all ,
    It’s Erik here, just got back from Brocks training camp preparing for the UFC 100 show, wow, 1 hard week of training and then straight to Vegas for James Wilks and the grand finale
    tufnuff season 9 championship match.
    All i can say is that James sure put his time in for proper preperation for this show… and it showed. James had a great fight with his strong adversary Demarques. Both guys came out strong, and very well prepared. James’s game plan was performed ‘spot on’ and did everything as planned. His transitions were next to perfect and demonstrated all of his abilities. Striking, clinching, throwing…and ground both striking, defending, and submission attempts, heel hooksx 2, triangle attempts, in the guard, and the cous de gras, the rear naked choke to the switch with an arm trap to the rear short choke. Getting the tap w/ only 6 seconds to spare in the 1st round! My hats off to Demarques for his attrition to win and his great tenacity, which made this fight ‘a barn burner’ from beginning to end. This
    win for me was a great ‘fathers day’ gift because I’ve beenworking with James
    since day one,for his MMA career. It’s been about 8 years in the making and
    to have a homegrown CSW fighter get this far, it surely makes me proud!!!
    His key to victory above his technical prowess was his conditioning, diet, tactics, and strategy, great training partners and positive surroundings. God Bless you James and you are on your way to stardom… P.S. I mentioned to him after his fight to not forget ‘who you are’ and, your friends who believed in you …I know I did! Smiles, Love, Graitude and Humbleness makes you a person to be admired!!!
    If you missed it, watch it on spike tv!

  2. that was an incredible fight. the transitions were amazing to say the least. glad to see a csw fightermake it big hope he continues to grow in all areas, not just a fighter.

  3. that’s like a winning lottery ticket…not an expectation, but a lucky ticket.
    I personally like that Dana does this because it makes everybody fight for their life and not stink up the arena with their shitty performance!!!
    P.s. I woke up craving sushi…wth?

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