7 thoughts on “Erik Paulson’s UK Seminar Volume 1”

  1. holy cow-
    training some big guys for some huge fights coming up, babalu, Josh, Brock, and helping erin tohill for cyborg…amongst the rest, studying and praying and sweating are the keys to victory!!!
    wish us luck!
    thank you

  2. Speaking of Vegas, will you be at the UFC Expo that weekend? I will be out at Master Toddy’s school during that week and I’ll be making my way over to the Expo as well. Unfortunately I can’t fork over the $500 – $10,000 for a ticket to UFC 100.


  3. Greetings Sensei Erik,

    Hope all is well ?

    I having been traing in Muay Thai for 4 years, my standing grappling is OK but I want add another grappling art for a good extra upper and lower grappling game for street self defense.

    I have been thinking about Freestyle Wrestling / Greco Roman Wrestling and Judo or GJJ

    From what I know Judo is ok but very Gi dependent and GJJ is ground focused and thats the last place you want to be.


    In your expert opinion which grappling art would you add to Muay Thai for street self defence ?

    Great Respect


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