3 thoughts on “Erik Paulson’s CSW 2005 Volume 3”

  1. I have this set and it is one of my favorite. I love the workbook that comes with it. I have designed classes around the material. I highly recommend this DVD set if you don’t have it!!!

    Thanks CSW for continuing to put out great material.


  2. I agree the book is a huge help. I just recently gotten the set so I haven’t had time to engrain much of any of the videos in mass quanity. The book is going to save me time from that I basically do this to every video series I get. I don’t just make notes of things I like. I do each segment. that is a pretty hard task when sensei Paulson shows so many variation in a little segment, so some of my CSW notes are condensed on the main premise. I catch the extra stuff after I have the main part down.

  3. Hi Guys-
    My goal when i watch a dvd is to first, watch it for fun for entertainment value. Secondly, to see how its put together, explanation, titles, slowmo, review, etc…
    The third thing that I do is watch the cool new things that I particularily like, visually, learn new tricks. Then i go back w/a notebook and dictate the entire dvd in a noted progression. I like to examine teaching methodoligy, training methods, and hear stories. Everyone on this earth has a story to tell based upon their life experiences,…to me thats the most intriguing aspect that every great soul has to offer…BTW, everyone is a great soul in some way, some how!
    Thanks for reading

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