Curt Doyle

Curt Doyle’s North American Self Defense Institute’s are located at:
4963 Louetta Rd. Spring Texas 77379
12218-J Jones Rd. Houston Texas 77070
11111 Saathoff Dr. Suite 1109, Cypress Texas 77429

Phone #: 281-236-5676
Email Address:
Web Site:

Curt Doyle, Combat Submission Wrestling Texas Lead Coach, started his training in 1970, at age 7, under the guidance of his grandfather, in Japanese Ju Jitsu and later in 1977 changed over to Seito Ryu karate. In 1981, Mr. Doyle moved from his home town of Jefferson City, Missouri, to Houston Texas. Teaching with a fellow Japanese Karate instructor, he started running classes in the Spring/Woodlands area of Houston.

In 1993, Curt Doyle, along with his father James Doyle, began Emergency Data Systems. A company focusing it’s attention on national and international security, doing seminars for personal protection and risk management for the US and the Middle East.
Today, still in the North Houston area, Mr. Doyle trains LEO’s, military and government personal, and private security, doing “on site” training for anti and counter terrorist tactics.
Today Mr. Doyle has black belts or instructor certifications in and teaches:

  • Combat Submission Wrestling
  • The 5 Animal Styles of Kung Fu
  • Seito Ryu Karate
  • Kodan Kan Ju Jitsu
  • Filipino Kali
  • Indonesian Silat
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Muay Thai kickboxing
  • Wing Chun Kung Fu