6 thoughts on “CSW April 26, 2010 – Kickboxing Class – Part 2”

  1. Mark was a student of the late Guro Ted Lucaylucay, and learned the panatukan from Guro Ted. Mark started coming in to CSW about a year ago, so I asked him to teach panatukan when he is around. We are really lucky to have Mark coming around.

  2. Thanks Bob, thanks Bruce,

    always nice to learn something new about our Kali/JKD “family”.

    p.s. @Bruce some more striking stuff (STX wise) is very much apreciated.

    All the best to you & and your family.

  3. Hank, will try to get some up. I have tons of video. I would really like to get some video up of Nic Saignac working with my son, amazing stuff. I just have to edit it down to smaller clips, and I don’t have a video editor.

    We want to get some STX student level videos soon, as we are beginning to rank people in STX kickboxing, which is very exciting. Erik and I recently gave out the very first STX Coach certificate.

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