CSW 2009 Camp

CSW Training Camp 2009

April 30 – May 3, 2009


CSW Training Center
4080 N. Palm St. #801
Fullerton, CA 92835

Price: US Dollars

$350 Pre Registered – (You must pre-register by April 28, 2009 to receive this price.)
$400 at the door
Pre-Reg. Cutoff – April 28th.

**Special Offer: Instructors who bring a group of 5 attend free.

Featured Instructors:

Erik Paulson
Greg Nelson
Marvin Cook

**Special Guest: Guro Dan Inosanto will be teaching from 11:00 – 1:00 pm on Thursday, April 30.


Heritage Inn
333 East Imperial Hwy
Fullerton, CA

*We are capping the seminar at 50 attendees.

*This event will be videotaped.

29 thoughts on “CSW 2009 Camp”

  1. Hello,

    Three questions on the 2009 Camp.

    1) Do you need to be an experienced fighter to attend?

    2) How many hours per day is it?

    3) What techniques will be covered?



  2. Hey Lloyd,
    I went to the one last year ( a new addition to my family is keeping me from going this year) you will get hands down some of the best training possible from Khuen Kru Greg Neslon and Sensei Erik Paulson in one of the best schools on the west coast. If you have the opportunity to go, take it. You will only regret the fact you didn’t and miss a great training oppurtunity.

  3. but just like lloyd asked do you have to be an experienced fighter? can you be completely new to mma and still sign up for the camp? and what time is the camp at and for how long? need to know so i can try to free up work time lol

  4. HI mike
    Its open to all levels and experience will be achieved everyday through drills exercises and sparring situations… its a fun time!

    The times will probably start at about 10am and go to about 4pm everyday

    if u have any questions regarding the camp u can call Brandon Kiser at 801-828-8504 he’s in Utah and came w a bunch of newbies and pros last year…they all had fun. P.S. Ask him about his bumper stickers, he loves it!

  5. Howdy Yeall-
    Just got back from Italy for the weekend…woowee! It took 17 hours to get home back to the OC, and man, it’s hot, 95 today! It’s nice to find out that our Torino Italian CSW mma team is ranked numero ono in all of Italy! These guys just wanna learn and compete. They all train hard everyday, and know how to enjoy life! The dinners are great , full of friends, fun, great food and some of the best wine in the world! The bonus is that everyone has a great sense of humor! Now countin down the days for the upcoming camp at the end of the month…come one, come all. Going to Jax Florida this weekend to WMA JAX for a one day workshop for one of the top NAGA submission teams. Can’t wait to see all my friends and have some great laughs!!!
    I’m on the East Coast doing seminars all the time, just check out my seminar schedule on this site. I’ll go to Hong Kong as soon as I’m invited!
    Thanks for tuning in! I’LL keep u posted!

  6. Hi-

    We usually start at 11:oo am to 1:30pm / lunch 1 hour / then 2:30pm to
    4:30pm. Public nite classes start at 5:00pm to 8:30pm, nite training is optional on thurs pm. Friday the same morn start time, no nite classes.
    do you need more info? you can call me erik@818-919-4785

  7. Hi Guys-
    The beginning day of the camp was great. Guro Inosanto taught an unbelievable session today and opened the eyes and “wowed” everybody with his mixed martial arts training drills. He has really mixed and combined all the arts so fluently with lotsa cool ground striking and submission drills. The big surprise was when he said that he was 72
    and humbly said that he was slowing down and couldn’t believe that the young athletes today still want to learn from older guys like him…cmon.
    If we could aspire to be as knowledgeable to even a quarter of his ability,
    his adaptability, and fluidity, we’d be doing great! Thanks Guro, for
    gracing all of us with your wisdom!!! You are a true inspiration to all of us!
    Stay tuned for more updates!

  8. Day 2 lotsa kickboxing drills and then sparring…30 straight minutes, pro class intermixed and sparred with all the camp participants…nothing but great live gos and lots of sweating…just what it’s all about. The second half I finally got to teach 5 of my most favorite high percentage achilles locks. Then we rolled for 45 minutes and Freddy drained somebodys’ ear…cool and really gross for some!:)
    Keep you posted
    tomorrow, day 3, boxing w Marvin Cook and lotsa hard work, plus, some cool new drills!

  9. Hi yall
    Day 3- Marvin Cook Boxing-Two hours of boxing drills, footwork, partner drills and sparring fromt the feet and from the knees…fun,fun,fun. Part two w/Greg- One and a half hours of the underhook/tie-up clinch counters plus and insight to wrestlers clinch stratagies and techniques. Greg is funny as shit with his insight…I love to listen!.. I then ended the course with mma ground and pound sparring with boxing and g&p from the knees, then standing vs. ground sparring…fun to watch. The last was all out submission rolling ’til everyonewas burnt out…running from wall to wall tops the cake! c u tomorrow!
    keepin u posted!

  10. The Utah troop sends it’s love and thanks to Sensei Erik, Tonya, Ajarn Greg, Coach Cook, Olivie, and Guro Inosanto for putting on an absolutely unforgettable camp. Shane says he’s suffering from withdrawls. I think I am too.

    Thanks so much for all you guys do. Long live CSW!

  11. Thanks for the Utah guys coming down, you guys added some fun and e
    excitement to the camp and your support was greatly appreciated and needed! Brian can I see those clips fromyour show the dangerzone, you guys are doing a great job w that btw!!!

  12. Hi Erik! Man I am kicking myself for missing this one!! Will you be putting this one to DVD? And will Guro’s section be included? 😐

    We will deff. be trying to get to the OC soon. We love ya buddy..

    Billy Brown
    P.M.A.T.S. – Murfreesboro TN

  13. Hi Billy-
    This was another reat camp w alotof Greg teaching,Marvin, Guro and a lil of me. I had the flu and was happy to see Guro, Marvin and Greg in such a great mood!!! Guro will not be on the dvds but it’ll allbe done in about a week. Bob did a great job filming and is working hard to edit and create the new dvds. Hope to see you soon
    Thank you

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