2 thoughts on “CSW 2009 Camp Outtakes – Conclusion”

  1. sadly i was told yet another person i grew up with is losing her fight with cancer. she is one of too many, i wasted a lot of time on the east coast, and i am amazed at how much material Erik puts out for free.i give myself a year then i moving to cali. yeah. time is precious ,we all assume the well won’t go dry.

  2. Hi guys-
    The well will never run dry here. Wehave too many resources to pull from and we are always striving and searching to learn the best from the best to apply experiment and disect to find out what will truely work for all of you.
    When you are confused…, spar, wrestle, roll, lift, and condition, both anaerobicaly and aerobicaly. If and when u can, try to get two workouts a day. Striking and grappling… conditioning and rolling…running and lifting… when you are tired, timing sparring and drilling,…or, day off, stretch and meditation. Learn to relax and do something positive for yourself or your family to get grounded for your next day. Schedule and balancing your life schedule is the key …you must be well balanced to renourish your spirit and passion for the next day!!! try to eat 3 to 6 meals a day…rehydrate!

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