Mixed Martial Arts

Module 1 Striking
Unit 1 Be Last
Unit 2 Focus Mitt Flow Drill
Unit 3 Punching Out Of The Plum
Unit 4 Up Jab To Overhand
Unit 5 Kick For Kick Drill
Unit 6 Countering The Leg Kick With A Head Kick
Unit 7 Wall Survival Drill - Coach Camp - 2018
Unit 8 Jedi Mind Trick - Inside Cut Kick
Module 2 Submission Grappling
Unit 1 Best Defense - Quarter Position
Unit 2 Low Single Leg Defense
Unit 3 Best Defense - Mount Escapes
Unit 4 Knee Bar From Omo Plata
Unit 5 Calf Slicer From Bottom Half Guard
Unit 6 Granby Escape From Quarter Position
Unit 7 Break Down From Quarter Position
Unit 8 Blitz To A Double Leg
Unit 9 Repping The Double Leg
Unit 10 Breaking Posture In Guard
Unit 11 Double Leg Takedown Counters
Unit 12 Twisting Whizzer
Unit 13 Chokes From The Back
Module 3 Conditioning
Unit 1 STXKICKBOXING Conditioning Drills
Unit 2 Hands On Drill
Unit 3 Power Finishing
Unit 4 MMA Warm Ups