Police Officer Getting Some Time On The Motion Master


Imagine getting arrested by a cop who just started break dancing all over you with his jiu-jitsu skills! Officer @craighanaumi is taking it to the next level!

Posted by Rener Gracie on Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Kick Off From The Guard

This sequence shows two kick off variations from the guard.

Option One: Erik used the ear rip to get his partner to sit up and make space. From this position he traps both arms. Next he kicks both legs around and places them on his partner’s chest. He kicks off to finish the technique. Another option is to power assist by slapping your knees.

Instead of using the double kick off, you may also use the single leg 45 degree kick off.

In variation two, Erik uses the ear rip to get a response, he makes space, and establishes the scissor sweep position. From this position, he moves to a double arm trap butterfly guard variation. He straightens his legs slightly to make space and re-establishes kick off position by placing one or both feet on his partner’s chest. Kick off to finish the technique.