Getting Your Black Belt

Drill Bits

By Erik Paulson

(From Gladiator magazine, November 1, 2006)

I would be the first to say that there is not necessarily a connection between having a black belt and being a good MMA fighter; there can be, but there isn’t always. There are many fighting styles and some of them are more geared towards self-defense, weapons, multiple attackers, pure sport, or simply fitness and exercise. So to have your black belt, black sash, or instructor’s certificate in a style such as karate, kung-fu, silat, escrima, tae kwon do, judo, or a similar martial art that isn’t geared toward one-on-one combat in a cage can certainly be admirable and is a worthy achievement, but that by itself isn’t going to make you successful in the cage. The type of black belt you have is more a measure of potential MMA success than just having “any” black belt.

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The new filming begins!

Hello All,

We start filming today for Erik’s Student Levels 1 – 5 and Coach Level DVDs!

Remember, the CSW 2008 Camp starts Thursday, May 1 and runs through Sunday, May 4. We will be filming this as well and it will be a new DVD and booklet set.

I will keep all of you posted as we film new material and I will also try to give you daily video previews of what we are working on this week!

Keep checking in! This is going to be a lot of new material!

Bob Burgee.
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CSW Public Forum Offline

Hello All,

I was forced to pull the CSW Public Forum offline this afternoon. We’ve been experiencing some spam issues with the forums lately and we don’t want to get blacklisted.

Not to worry though! With this new format we will be adding so much new content, you won’t miss it! Be sure to check this blog regularly!

I will be going through my Paulson archives soon to look for more cool stuff to show you guys. Also, I will be attending the CSW 2008 Camp at Erik’s gym next month. I will be filming the coach and instructor curriculum dvds with Erik and also I will be filming the camp for a new dvd set later this spring!

This is shaping up to be an awesome year for CSW and we are relying on feedback from you guys to make this site everything you want it to be and help CSW grow! Be sure to drop a comment on any of our blog posts you check out. Let us know what you think!

Also be sure to check out the Members Section for TONS of video already posted and much more to come. We will be filming a lot of new content at the end of this month for members only. Not a member? Join Today! The video clips alone make it worth it!

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The Coffee Run

Erik takes us on the Coffee Run! He shares training routines and nutritional information while giving a quick tour of the surrounding area near the CSW Training Center.

The videos are presented in two parts.

Erik Paulson Article From Karate Kung Fu Illustrated – February 1997

About Erik Paulson

(Excerpt from Karate Kung Fu Illustrated, February 1997)

When Erik Paulson was just a little guy, he used to tell his wrestling fanatic brother, “If you’re a good puncher and kicker, nobody can take you down.”

One day, Paulson’s brother answered with a challenge: “You want to bet? A wrestler will always beat a karate guy”

So Paulson and his brother went at it — on several occasions. ” I could hit him a few times, but he could always get lucky and take me down, ” Paulson remembers. “Later I started to realize that that he kept on getting lucky. I’d hit him, but I’d end up on my back. Then he’d get me in a side straddle or side headlock. From that time on, I knew in the back of my mind that wrestling was the thing I liked most.”

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