CSW Camp 2012 – Day 4

Day 4 began with an inspirational message from Coach Greg Nelson on keeping perspective. Next, Coach Erik Paulson took over and opened up an encyclopedia of submissions. Session two was pad, mitt, & shield drills. Everyone then moved on to putting what they have learned to the test with Live Go’s. Grappling sparring, Kickboxing Sparring, MMA Sparring. The day ended with another set of group cage matches and the cage/street melee. This was a wonderful camp with great energy and hard work. If you missed it, you owe it to yourself to attend next year. Until then, Train Hard, Train Smart!

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CSW Camp 2012 – Day 3

Takedowns, Takedowns, and more Takedowns! Day 3 started off with the Merkaba meditation recharge and the throwing commenced. More takedowns than you can shake a stick at. Coaches Erik & Greg showed the finer points of dropping bodies to the floor. Session two was Savate, taught by Professor Nicolas Saignac. He showed how to spar with precision and rapid fire speed. There was a great teaching moment when two students were going at it hard and missing the finer points. He pulled them aside and explained how to safely work your game with precision, speed, and safety. There’s a time for a “Hard Go” and a “Technical Go”. This valuable lesson will be featured on the DVD. Last, but not least, the session ended with “Cage Fight Club”. Multiple one-on-one fights in the cage and then a Skins vs. Shirts melee, street style. Loads of fun and valuable information at CSW.

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CSW Camp 2012 – Day 2

Another great day at CSW! Coach Erik Paulson started everyone off with the Merkaba meditation to reset everyone’s mind and energy. Then it was down to the ground they went. The students went through a full session of grappling technique and rolling. Coach Greg Nelson and coach Erik Paulson were on top of their game, as usual. Our guest instructor for session two was Guro Daniel Sullivan. Daniel showed some of his killer dirty boxing drills. The new 4 DVD set, Daniel Sullivan’s Dirty Boxing, will be available on www.erikpaulson.com in about a week. Erik finished the day with a group hands-on prayer for Christine, one of our miracle cancer survivors, and wrapped up the day. On to day 3 with Greg, Erik, and guest instructor, Nicolas Saignac (Savate).

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